Friday, September 5, 2014

Acorn Character - eCAL/SCAL3

I'm a big fan of Inkscape...been designing with it for many years now since it was the best way to create files to use with my digital cutter.  Well times change and CraftEdge's eCAL software to use with the eclips has come a long way.  Today I decided to see if I could create
using only ecal and since it is FALL I created this P2C design. I don't have SCAL2 anymore but if I remember correctly all the same features and techniques exist in SCAL2 latest vs.

Every pieces can be found in basic shapes library.

Starting with the acorn, found in BasicShapes Fall I broke it apart and then made a copy of the top part and added a lattice effect.

I have a font called "face off" that must be free since I never pay for fonts and found this cute face.

The leaf is in basic shapes/fall too and using the pen tool I added the veins.

After all done and SAVED, I added a shadow blackout for the P2C Although you could cut almost everthing and paper piece...but I don't paper piece anymore due to shakey arthritic hands.

A few hints.  ecal is a memory hog and if you move too fast or do too many things over and add/delete the program will CRASH.  Lesson learned...SAVE and SAVE often.  After the crash when you immediately reopen ecal will ask if you want to "recover" generally speaking the answer if yes and you will have everything up to the point of the crash.

Just for grins I exported the ecal file to Inkscape and added shading to it since that is one of the features ecal doesn't support in itself or in a traced svg file.  Looks really good.  

I'm not providing a free file as it is pretty simple to DIY if you know where you are going when you start :)

Happy Fall to all of us.

My System:

  • Mac w/10.9.4
  • eCAL: 1.505
  • Sizzix eclips1
  • Inkscape 0.48

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kids and Sprinklers for Summer Fun

About a decade ago I was looking for something to do and saw a lawn sprinkler at a craft show made of copper tubing.  "I can do that" I said and I did, with a little help from a neighbor who did a small bit of soldering for me as me and a soldering iron is not good combination.  I bent the pipe into the shape of the butterflies.

Here's the sprinkler now, all black from age but still works just fine.  My grandkids loved playing in it.

Needing something else to do this week I recreated the sprinkler in Inkscape, added some children (silhouettes) and viola a nice design for scrapbooks, or summer party invites.

Just one example of how I use it.

I am providing an svg file with just the sprinkler, water, and the children so you can be creative and DIY.   
I'm also adding this photo if you are the "just print it" me these days.

Download from Media Fire
Butterfly SprinklerPS png

My System
Mac w/ Mt. Lion
eClips w/ eCAL
Inkscape 0.48

Monday, June 2, 2014

Take a Bike Ride Card

Printed with Bike and Frame Cut
I needed 3 cards for my "boys" for Fathers Day.  I had an idea and many, many iterations later I came up with this.  Assembled from bits and pieces of free images,  drawing in Inkscape and some  "filter" I got a print and cut design.

I cut the frame and the bike with my eclips and printed the rest in Adobe PhotoShop Elements after exporting from Inkscape.

How to Print and Cut SCAL3/eCal
 This is the suggested layout for eCAL/SCAL3. to set up print and cut. Whether you choose to "draw" the text or cut out the grass and path depends on you but all the layers are there.

Take a Ride  - svg

My System
  • Mac w/ Mt Lion
  • Inkscape 48
  • ecal 1.501
Thank you and remember to Take a Ride on Fathers Day, or any day!  It is good for the soul and the brain.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chocolate Easter Bunny Card

This is a cut file, a print to cut and/or a print, cut and draw I made for Easter.  I did it in Inkscape and took into my eCAL to cut the pieces.  The only thing you might want to consider is the Text.  If you are good at drawing with gel pens you could use them to draw the text on the bottom blue piece of the egg pieces.  I'll leave that all up to how you work best with Inkscape or your cutting software.

Chocolate BunnyPS svg
Chocolate BunnyPS scut3

My System:

  • Mac w/ Mt Lion
  • Sizzix eclips
  • eCAL 1.500
  • Inkscape

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Create Butterfly Napkin Ring

I created this napkin ring to help someone on the SureCuts Alot forum.  It really doesn't matter whether it is a butterfly as any image that can be cut in half will work.  You could do it in Inkscape too.

You will need an image for the element.  I used one from a free download that I got HERE

Here is a brief descriptions of the steps, you have to sorta know how to use SCAL as I have not put in the details.

You will have to know how to split the butterfly in half but I have a tutorial on this BLOG on how to do that.

So here you go.

If you have problems, I can usually be reached on the SureCutsalot Forum or Facebook or better yet a comment pro or con here would really get my attention.


Download from MediaFire

My System
Mac with Mt Lion
  • eCal and Sizzix eClips
  • Inkscape 48

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Choo-Choo Train - WordArt

You may be getting tired of even more WordArt  but I'm learning and just had to keep playing.  Today's post is for the little ones who love trains.  You can make a picture in a frame, make a card whatever.

I started with a png image (free file) of the train and made a mat just slightly larger than my image.   I made a rectangle around it and colored it black (this is what you load into Tagul.  Words will be in the black area. See these instructions on TAGUL for step by step.

I created the cloud according to the instructions on Tagul.  The Tagul forum is also helpful for "how and why" issues.

Choosing the option to export to svg I got the "cloud" into Inkscape.

I made a new layer and opened the train image and moved my colored train into the space on the Cloud a then played some with changing colors and size of words.  I found it easier if I "locked" the layers I wasn't using.  I deleted a few and copy/pasted some others into the space created by deleting/resizing some of the words. 

I added another layer to the bottom and created the mat background.  I've left room at the bottom for you to personalize with the name of the little one. You could use the name in the "cloud" creation of course, but I wanted this generic to use again.  

You can do this a couple of ways. Add a layer for the Name in Inkscape or make a bitmap copy of your finished svg and load into a photo editor like PhotoShop.

There are 3 layers in the svg file to make it easier to edit. I like to "group" the words layers when I'm finished as I was still moving, centering etc and you really don't want things skewing on you.

Files to Share on MediaFire
Currently you cannot share a Tagul Cloud so here's the svg and the png for you.

Choo-Choo TrainPS svg
Choo-Choo TrainPS png

Have some fun, learns something new and make a really special gift. You can email me with questions, I'm usually here.

Comments would be much appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by today.

My System

  • Mac w/ Mt Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCal w/ Sizzix eclips

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hugs and Kisses WordArt

I just can't get enough of WordArt I created the text with Tagul and with a little help from Inkscape.  I printed this once, found a little boo-boo and then ran out of YELLOW ink so it will have to wait for the final to print and get it in the mail.

I used the flowers in vase I created last year and used it in Tagul to create the words, exported to Inkscape and played with it some more. 

There is more information and links to instructions for Tagul in my other WordArt post below.

The svg file is in three grouped layers to make it a little easier for you to edit.  You can change the colors in the words and the flowers, resize but not the font.  I created a bitmap copy and took it into Adobe PhotoShop Elements to put it on my card template
  • flowers
  • words
  • background
I'm including the png file to print only, which is what I did after I finished messing with it.

Download from MediaFire

For more information and how to about Tagul see my other posts in WordArt.

Happy Valentines Day!

My System
  • Mac w/ Mt. Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • Sizzix eclips
  • eCAL