Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Calendar Magnet

We have 4 children  and 6 grandchildren and my "gray cells" are rapidly decreasing so I need memory joggers.  Today I made a graphic with all of their birthdays by month.  I printed it and then laminted it to put on my bulletin board/my fridge.

You need 5 layers to keep from pulling your hair out with things moving around.  Lock all you are not working on.

You will need to convert elements to path/objects depending on what application you choose. DO NOT convert the text yet as the design grows you might want a different font. (guess how I learned this ;))  I did this in Inkscape and then in ecal2 and both work nicely.  In ecal I used duplicate rows/columns for the squares. 

 1. Bottom Layer: a rectangle the size you want your final to be add the title.  I used 4x6 as that fits my laminator

 2. Layer above: a grid of squares three across and four down.

3. Layer above:  type in the months in the squares

4. Add the names in the proper month and the actual day.

5. layer above and add the decorations.

I hope this provides enough info for you to create this very usefule little reminder.  I would love it if you share what you've done by posting a comment.

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Crafting.

My system:

  • Mac with Yosemite
  • ecal2
  • eclips
  • Inkscape

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Save the Water cartoon and some tips

California has been in a 4 year drought; our grass is brown or non-exitent, our plants are surviving on the cool night moisture. What more can you do?  SAVE the shower/bath water of course.

I assembled this image in ecal2 from Surecutsalot. All are free downloads.  I printed and laminated it to make a frig magnet.

 A 3 minute shower can do the job and all you have to do is catch the water  and haul it out to the plants. It is a lot easier if your shower/bath is on the first floor, ours is upstairs so Hubby does that.

Here are some other resources you can use to save even more household water.

A google search for saving water comes up with even more ideas for bathrooms and kitchen water (grey water). I'm not a fan of this YET but "if it's yellow, let it mellow has some nice designs for the bathroom too.'s+yellow+let+it+mellow&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

In the kitchen I keep a pitcher where we dump old coffee, tea, catching rinse water etc. and use it to pour in the drain when running the garbage disposal.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can help our planet, our state, and yourself by being a bit more environmentally aware.

Thanks for stopping by and remember SAVE the WATER.

My system:

  • Mac w/ Yosemite
  • ecal2 from surecutsalot
  • a sizzix eclips1
  • Inkscape

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Quilt Inkscape

This design is much more a learning project for me than a real need for the design.  I started out not really knowing where I was going by doing the animals.

  • Panda and gingerbread man from #svgcuts
  • Penquin from #Kadoodle
  • Teddy from a clipart image
I played a bit by making the stitch lines by making an inset shadow layer copy of the body of each animal, no fill and making the stroke dashes.

Then what to do with them.... OK make a quilt.  I used a video tut from cut two pieces tiled clones to make the quilt stitch pattern, dashed stroke and no fill.

Pink bkg is scalloped frame with two rectangles for the divider borders.

I was able to export to #eCal where I could make p2c pieces so I could lay the animals on top of the quilt base.  The blue piece with the quilting stitch I used blue paper to print the quilt stitches onto.  The animals as p2c and the white shadow as c2p.  Lots of ways to do these pieces depending on how adept you are at scal or ecal.  

I am providing both the svg and the ecal files for you to play with.  I would appreciate it very much if you use this design that you share a link so I can see what you came up with.  I think a new baby announcement, a framed picture, etc.

Baby QuiltPS scut4 (note mediafile will add .txt to the scal4 extension. Just edit the extension to delete the .txt.)
Baby QuiltPS png

Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Text Flow Around Object - Inkscape Word Art

I really like doing WordArt for designs that are a little different.  I wanted to wrap text around an image, not in an image and discovered I could do it in
Inkscape with a feature called text/flow into frame.  It is a bit quirky and there are little to no instructions on "how to" 

I got some help from the Inkscape Forum to get me started. 

Text Flow around an Path Object

First, draw a path the shape of the text you want to have. 
If it is around a certain object, then the inside path should be shadow outline of the object inside, the shape  

Combine the two paths.

Make an unflowed text object, type in the desired characters. block, not centered w/
carriage returns. Do space between characters and line spacing to taste.

Select text and path, and make it flowed (Alt+W). 

Group together the flowed text and the path. 

You can adjust the shape of the path after with the node tool, the text will follow; add no fill and outline to it -will be still visible in outlines only display mode to change display mode).

If you want to move the text, move the group itself.

to release from path:  path/object to path???

Here is a link to the Source from whence this help came.

What I learned along the way is that after releasing the text I could ungroup and edit it.  I moved some words around to better fit, colored some words.

After getting what I wanted I converted to bitmap and made a iron-on transfer and put it on a t-shirt. I did the shirt before I learned that I could edit the text and rearrange the words.

For my "cutting" friends I printed just the words with the blank inside and did a P2C of the flower so it could be attached in the blank space.

I then went completely crazy and started doing "frig" magnets and laminated it. This is one of my favorites

Enough already!   I think you get the idea that if you are adept at Inkscape and have the time you can design some really unique WordArt images for all purposes.  I found some great inspirational quotes on the internet.

If you have questions just email or comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks for stopping here today.

My System:
  • Mac w/ Yosemite
  • Inkscape  
  • Ecal w/ Sizzix eclips

Monday, March 23, 2015


SOMEHOW OR OTHER I lost all the images that were  in my posts....grrrrr.
I am in the process of adding them back in so 
come back in a few to see
what I've been able
to recover.

Most of the links to download appear
to be working so take a
chance and download.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Bon Bon Candy Card

Good Morning, I'm working backwards again using ecal2 to create and exporting to Inkscape....just because!

I will use them for Easter and Mother's Day cards but they work well for any occasion.  I don't paper piece so I cannot tell you how easy or not it is to cut the bon bons but they are designed to do so :)

No doubt that you could make them more interesting then I have. All the like pieces are grouped by layer to make it a little easier to grab and use.


I would love it if you do something with the pieces and share them.  I have give my designs freely as I get satisfaction in the creation of the elements and hope they are useful to someone.

Thanks for stopping by and comments are always appreciated!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Save the Whales - t-shirt design ecal2

My DH says I never saw a blank-t-shirt I didn't want to put something on :) and I say a plain white t-shirt is boring so you have to decorate it.

My ecal2 software is getting so good that I hardly ever use Inkscape

anymore.  This was done all in ecal2.011 and exported to Inkscape so I could share the svg file as well.

I used several features of ecal to do this:
  • Traced image of a whale I found free. Have a copy to fill the whole knock out will make.
  • Circle from Basic Shapes.
  • Knockout for the whale inside the circle.
  • Wave to design the wavy lines from a thin rectangle to divide   circle, then back minus front.    
  • Text on Arch for the words
I flipped it horizontal to print onto iron-on transfer paper to put on the t-shirt.  Those of you who do vinyl most likely can do it in vinyl too.

I played around with gradients on the circle pieces but decided against using it but it did look pretty good.


Save the Whales scut4 (if you see that media fire as added .txt to the end of the scut4 file just delete it leaving .scut4 and it will open.  Dunno why this happens but just in case it does.)

I use either Transfermations or Avery iron on transfers to print my design onto.  Trim with scissors to get rid of as much paper about the image as possible.  Directions are on the package.

Thanks for coming by today and I would like to know how you do with this.