Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grinch Happy New Year

Just because..... I needed something to do today given that all my Christmas is done.  Using many different free images of the Grinch and extra's I put this all together.  I started out making a Grinch Santa Claus transfer to put on an apron for my DH who is cooking Christmas turned out so well, but too late for anyone but us so I went for Happy New Year.  The file is easily altered in Inkscape or scal changing the hat, jacket etc to meet any occasion.  I will do a bbq one for summer gifts.

I exported  from Inkscape to ecal2 but am reasonable sure you could export to scal3.   You designate the image as "print-to-cut print" and make a shadow layer, with no fill and a stroke that will be the cut line.

If you play around with the file and make it yet another occasion I'd love to see it.

Happy New Year!

Download from MediaFire
Grinch Happy New YearPS svg

My system:

  • Mac 10.x
  • ecal 2.002
  • eclips 1
  • Inkscape 048.x

Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I created this in Inkscape using bits and pieces I had collected in past years.   I have become a fan of tone on tone using complementary colors.  I like "country shading" a filter from Very Simple Designs.  Unfortunately when exporting to my cutter software the filters do not show so most times, like today, I print.

I did a rectangle with a pattern I made in Inkscape using object to pattern.

I used my ecal with my eClips1 to:

  • cut my card base.  I used a paper pack called "Spice Market" cardstock Paper I got at Michaels. 50 sheets of fall colors.
  • Created in inside sentiment sheet in eCal so I could use my pens to write on.

Never being able to leave well enough alone I sprayed the whole thing with Krylon Glitter Spray for just a bit of glitz.

Happy ThanksgivingPS svg
Happy ThanksgivingPS png

My System

  • Mac 10.9.4
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • Sizzix Eclips1
  • eCal
Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Color Wash Butterfly Card Inkscape

I wanted to experiment with doing a background color wash in Inkscape. It is my Daughter's birthday so it became the target for the experiment. 

I started by making 3 rectangles, slightly overlapped and removed the stroke and filled with complementary colors.  Selected them all and did "blur" in Inkscape until I got what I wanted.

I created a flourish vine.
Using a font "Tribal Butterfly I picked 3 that looked good to me.

Added the flowers 
It needed something else so I added  white stroke around all the pieces to make the pop a bit more.

Made a pdf image and printed and mounted on cardstock with a little embossed border.  

DH thought it a bit overkill with the border bits but it was all glued down and I was done.

A good learning experience and a pretty card.

All the elements for the image are in separate layers if you want to play in Inkscape.  I did "place image" in eCal to cut the background pieces on my eclips and did P2C.  I also made the inside in white with our birthday wishes and P2C that too.

Butterfly Color washPS svg
Butterfly Color washPS.jpg

I hope this gives you some ideas for cards of your own.

My System

  • Inkscape 0.48
  • Mac w/10.9.5
  • Sizzix eclips1
  • ecal

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scallop Edge Card Template

My friend Kay (cleversomeday) refers to herself as an "engineer", not an "artist"  well that goes for me too. I am able to create objects and patterns but putting them together artistically falls short of my expectations.

I created this card template in eCAL, I could have done it in Inkscape but eCAL is getting so good and everything was simple shapes so there you go.

Using basic shapes I made two rectangles sized one to 5x7 and one to 5.5.

Using the smaller one I used "duplicate" and the circle with the hole in it sized to 1/2" to make the border, unioned the it half way over the edge of the card.  You can see the border of the rectangle through the hole so you can line it up.

Copy/pasted to make the one for the other side, lined it up and selected all three pieces and path/union.

Move the larger rectangle in place a tad over the edge of the now scalloped rectangle and path/union.

Using the draw tool I drew a line where I wanted the score to be, select the line and make it "score".  It cuts very nicely on 8.5x11 cardstock.

After construction rotate the image so that it is vertical instead of horizontal so it fits on 8.5x11" cardstock as shown in the pattern.

Add caption

Now to decorate:
I found the image I wanted to use on a coloring book site, LINK to House GRAPHIC  and used Inkscape paint bucket to fill in the elements and colored them. I added the border and exported as bitmap to eCAL and did print/cut. I sprayed the whole thing with glitter spray before glueing it onto the card base.

Inside is just a tag I created in eCAL adding the sentiment. I glued a piece of pattern paper (6.75x4.75) from a card stack to the inside and mounted the sentiment.

I like my border as it shows the inside background.

This one does stand up.  I did another one in vertical that I like but it doesn't stand up, but here it is for "show".

I am providing the card template only for you to play with, also a Cheat Sheet for scal/ecal if  you want to DIY one.  Any border will do that fits your style. 

I exported the scal file to Inkscape and am providing the file as well for those of you who do not do Sure Cutsalot!

I hope this has given you some ideas for a card that is a little different.

Scallop Edge Card Template - ecal/scal3
Scallop Edge construction Cheat Sheet - ecal/scal3
Scallop Edge Card Template - svg

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My System:

  • Mac 10.8
  • eCAL 1.505
  • eclips
  • Inkscape 0.48

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Dance Birthday


I'm on a roll, 2 projects in one week!  My only brother turns 65 this week and it is worth a celebration.  We talk on the phone but I haven't seen him in several years so it was worth the effort to let him know I love him.

The image is from DeviantArt I found it through a search but clicking on the image says it is no longer available, so I just grabbed it. 

In one iteration I cut it out separately as a sticker and glued it to the front for dimension but later decided to just print the whole thing as centering and glueing gets to be an issue for me.

Pattern is from Inkscape/fill/pattern basic small white polkadots, the font is KBjellybean, music notes from a font Musicelements

I exported a bitmap to open/print in AdobePhotoShop Elements.

It is done and I am "Doin the Happy Dance"!

My System

  • Inkscape .48
  • ecal/eclips1
  • Mac Mavericks

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Iron-on Transfer T-shirt Happy Dance

We are t-shirt wearers!  Finding shirts and designs we like are hard and the best ones are at least $20 so I design my own. I don't like to use vinyl for a number of reasons:  it is more costly, layering colors is a pain and I just don't like the feel of vinyl.  Transfers are much softer.

I had never tried a t-shirt transfer on colored shirts but what the hey I had nothing to lose by trying, well maybe about $4.00 and a little time. I bought this shirt at Michaels for $3.00.  I had the design already so here we go.

The pic does not do the image justice, bad light etc, but you can see that it does work.

I used Avery Fabric Transers (#938) for Light fabrics, full-size for Ink Jet printers. (18 sheets) Following the instructions provided I am very pleased with the result.

These make great gifts or use for Halloween shirts, or those "wear once events".  I do like the more subtle coloring that the bright background of the shirt gives. This is pretty easy and a lot less expensive than using vinyl. Any image you found or can DIY works.

OK, now go and do your own Happy Dance!

To see my other t-shirt designs go here:

My System

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  • eCAL 1.505
  • eclips1

Friday, September 5, 2014

Acorn Character - eCAL/SCAL3

I'm a big fan of Inkscape...been designing with it for many years now since it was the best way to create files to use with my digital cutter.  Well times change and CraftEdge's eCAL software to use with the eclips has come a long way.  Today I decided to see if I could create
using only ecal and since it is FALL I created this P2C design. I don't have SCAL2 anymore but if I remember correctly all the same features and techniques exist in SCAL2 latest vs.

Every pieces can be found in basic shapes library.

Starting with the acorn, found in BasicShapes Fall I broke it apart and then made a copy of the top part and added a lattice effect.

I have a font called "face off" that must be free since I never pay for fonts and found this cute face.

The leaf is in basic shapes/fall too and using the pen tool I added the veins.

After all done and SAVED, I added a shadow blackout for the P2C Although you could cut almost everthing and paper piece...but I don't paper piece anymore due to shakey arthritic hands.

A few hints.  ecal is a memory hog and if you move too fast or do too many things over and add/delete the program will CRASH.  Lesson learned...SAVE and SAVE often.  After the crash when you immediately reopen ecal will ask if you want to "recover" generally speaking the answer if yes and you will have everything up to the point of the crash.

Just for grins I exported the ecal file to Inkscape and added shading to it since that is one of the features ecal doesn't support in itself or in a traced svg file.  Looks really good.  

I'm not providing a free file as it is pretty simple to DIY if you know where you are going when you start :)

Happy Fall to all of us.

My System:

  • Mac w/10.9.4
  • eCAL: 1.505
  • Sizzix eclips1
  • Inkscape 0.48