Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Valentines Day 2016

I could not think of a valentine today so I am recycling a design I did several years ago.  It is done with Tagul, the word art site and a flower vase image.

You can change the colors in the flowers and edit the words a bit in Inkscape with the svg file.  Or you can do what I am going to do just print some out and send one or two to friends on FaceBook. I "placed the image" into ecal2 so I could add a border and P2C cut around it.

If you want to try Tagul yourself be aware that for some reason the site does not support Safari and I had to use Chrome as the browser on my Mac.  I'll explore that problem another day.

Happy Valentines Day

Download from MediaFire

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

This is a "redo" of a file I made for a Birthday a couple of years ago, so being lazy I edited it to wish all you and yours a happy and prosperous 2016.

The file was created in Inkscape with bits and pieces from free downloads and edited by me. :)

It obviously is not suitable for "non drinkers" but I know plenty of wine buffs who would appreciate it as a Birthday or Congratulations card...don't you?

Download from MediaFire

Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quick trick...custom Color Palletts - Inkscape

I find this trick very useful for my designs instead of wandering through all the color menus that come with inkscape.  png and jpg images both work

I hope this if useful....let me know :)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stylus-itis If it Hurts Stop doing it

I have arthritis in my back and recently I developed pain in my bicep on my right arm....hmmmm I said to self.... and the lightbulb went off!  

I use a stylus with my iPad to do almost everything as my finger just wasn't working.  As a reminder to self....if it hurts...stop doing it.  Off to the computer to design a frig magnet to remind me that I spend way too much time on the tablet and not enough walking. My mouse hand hurts a bit too but I type less and point more :)

I created the design in Inscape all from scratch except for the hand holding a pencil (public domain) and altered it to look more like a Stylus. I "coined" the name stylus-itis!

I hope this provides a giggle or two for you, so put down the tablet, drop the stylus in a jar so you can find it again tomorrow and get out there and "smell the roses".

Resource:  the hand is from here Hand with pencil link

Free files to download from MediaFire
Stylus-itisPS svg
Stylus-itisPS png

If you know someone with Stylus-itis it would make a cute gift I think.

Thanks for stopping by and any comments would be appreciated!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Don't Forget to Floss #Cartoon

At a recent dental appointment the dentist told my husband "remember, only floss the teeth you want to keep."  He came home and said he wanted me to make  a magnet for his dentist with this saying.

I did it in Inkscape with a cartoon of a tooth, not too hard but really cute I think.

I printed on card stock and laminated it, then used peel and stick magnet sheet as a backing.  I got the sheet at Michaels.  I think it would work on a little easel stand on the receptionists desk or on a frig.  You could also just use a sticky back tab and put it on a bathroom mirror to remind folks to floss.

I hope you like this and give it a and your family will have better dental checkups and get a smile every time you see it.

There are about a zillion cartoon images of a tooth on the internet so I am not offering any files today as anyone adept at Inkscape or SCAL/MTC could do this easily.  Just google cartoon tooth.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flower Bouquet with Filter Effects #Inkscape

I was just playing around and created this #flower bouquet and then played with some of the #Inkscape filters.

filters/image effects transparent/canvas bumps transparent.

There are several layers, including a note layer about which effects I used.

I've printed it on watercolor paper and really love the look; good for cards or for framing.  You could P2C the frame but I am lazy. 

I used the .png image to place in ecal with good results so you can P2C from scal for sure.

NOTE: you cannot import the svg file into scal as scal/ecal do NOT support the filter effects.  You will get the image in plain colors. I have posted the flowers only in png format sans frame for you to  P2C with your own frame.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome and greatly appreciated, especially if you download my files.

Download from MediaFire

Flower BouquetPS png
Flower BouquetPS svg
Flower Bouquet sans framePS

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Thanks for stopping by to visit today I hope you found some things you like.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Calendar Magnet

We have 4 children  and 6 grandchildren and my "gray cells" are rapidly decreasing so I need memory joggers.  Today I made a graphic with all of their birthdays by month.  I printed it and then laminted it to put on my bulletin board/my fridge.

You need 5 layers to keep from pulling your hair out with things moving around.  Lock all you are not working on.

You will need to convert elements to path/objects depending on what application you choose. DO NOT convert the text yet as the design grows you might want a different font. (guess how I learned this ;))  I did this in Inkscape and then in ecal2 and both work nicely.  In ecal I used duplicate rows/columns for the squares. 

 1. Bottom Layer: a rectangle the size you want your final to be add the title.  I used 4x6 as that fits my laminator

 2. Layer above: a grid of squares three across and four down.

3. Layer above:  type in the months in the squares

4. Add the names in the proper month and the actual day.

5. layer above and add the decorations.

I hope this provides enough info for you to create this very usefule little reminder.  I would love it if you share what you've done by posting a comment.

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Crafting.

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