Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trumpet in the New Year 2012 - Inkscape

My Happy New Year wishes and greetings to you all.

May 2012 bring you happiness, good health and a bunch of fun!

Lots of options here for print, print/cut whatever works for you. The background is a jpg to "place" in your cutting software for printing, or use your favorite photo software.  You should be able to cut the other three pieces and rearrange them separately to keep the "bulge" feature.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweet Silhouette

Love this silhouette and hope you do to.  I've designed in Inkscape and test cut in eCAL and SCAL.  It also works well as a print2cut for the non-paper piecers (like me).

Posting lots of files for you to choose from depending on what you want to do with it.

SCAL2/3, MTC and others would use the svg file.


Sweetsilhouette background jpg
Sweetsilhouette eCAL scut3
Sweetsilhouette card jpg
Sweetsilhouettesvg (link fixed I hope, sorry)

I'm still migrating my files from the old blog so visit there for all the tutorials and older posts.  Geez, this is harder than I thought it would be.

Christmas Sign - Inkscape

One more for the year.  This is a design I did from a yard sign we had and I thought it would make a nice card, window decoration, Santa Village element etc.

I've tried something different with the files.  I've made one for SCAL2/3, one for eCAL for the eclips, the .svg and the .jpg.  The cutting files are on two pages each: one for print2cut and one for paper piecing.  So be sure and look at the pages within SCAL or eCAL.  MTC users would use the svg file.

I'm not totally happy with the scarves but if you are paper piecing or using the svg you can play around with it to make it look better.

Christmas Sign jpg
Christmas Sign svg
Christmas Sign SCAL2/3
Christmas Sign ecal/eclips

You can post a comment or a question in the comments section and if I can find your blog or email addy I'll answer directly to you.

Have a Happy Holiday.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mrs. Claus - Inkscape

Geeeez it is getting harder and harder to design given all the cutters and software for our craft.  I think I spent as much time testing and cutting this file in both SCAL2 and eCAL to ensure that at least the cutters for those two work, I have to assume that SCAL3 for other cutters work. 

Enough whining...onward to the design.

I actually did draw this my very own self.  I had some help from a tutorial on how to draw a girl and modified it to suit Mrs. Claus. (see Additional Resources below for a link to the tutorial I used).

I've done a print/cut on her in both eCAL for the Sizzix eclips and the E with SCAL2.  I did not cut all of the pieces because I don't do well piecing anymore but I'm confident that all the big pieces cut.  The face pieces may be better done by and as they are small.

I'm providing a .jpg for print/cut with the outline around for those who want to cut the old fashion way, with SCISSORS.  Importing the .svg file allows you to either print with or without the outline mat or do a print/cut around.  (see what I mean about getting complicated).

I also did not add decorations to the apron, I wanted to but there were going to be too many pieces that were have at it.  I think it could be decorated a lot more.

Let me know if you have any problems, especially if you are using different software/cutters than the ones I have.


Additional Resource
The written tutorial I used for drawing Mrs Claus came from

Monday, November 21, 2011

Elf Ice Skating - Inkscape

Welcome to my new Blog.  It is not totally up and running so I'll post this on my original blog until I get it all together.

I'm still playing with KR Color Me font/dingbat.  Only about 5 to go that are good for cutting but you can do so many things with the images.

Consider cutting back to back to make a tree ornament.  Bag tags are a good idea as well.

Remove the color and print large for the little ones to color.


Elf Ice Skating - svg
Elf Ice Skating - png

I'd love comments but if you have questions about the files you can post them on my Facebook page: PapaSue on Facebook

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog still under construction

I am attempting to move all my 2011 posts from my current blog to here, but it is not working out so well.  If you've arrived here please go here: where everything I've ever done is posted.

OMG it is really not fun growing old!

Thanks for your patience and hope to have this fixed soon.

Elf on Rocking Horse Inkscape PnC

Is this cute or what?  I've found a wonderful font called KR Christmas Color Me .  It is great as a digistamp if you are one of those talented designers who can color, unfortunately I am not so I converted the font to a path in Inkscape and then filled in the pieces with color.  I did my best to make it a cut file for the paper piecers but I'll just do print/cut.  I always take the easy way.

It opens and separates just fine in SCAL2 so I'm confident that it will work with other cutting software should you want to cut the pieces.


Elf on Rocking Horse .svg
Elf Rocking Horse - png

You can find this wonderful free font at:

  • and several other font site

Print some out really big and let the children color them as their Holiday project.

 Read more…

Santa with Bag - Inkscape Printable DigiStamp

Something new for me a printable.  It is designed to be printed, not cut, since I used a bunch of filters and extensions in Inkscape that SCAL doesn't like and I assume MTC won't either. You can convert it to a cut file using Inkscape.

Printable DigiStamp with trim line
As you can see I've included a faux mat line to make it easy to manually trim around after you've printed.

Inkscape - to make into a cut file

  • the shadowing on the Santa pieces is done with a filter (filter/shadows and glows/inner shadow) that SCAL won't recognize so it must be removed: filter/remove filter
  • the hatching pattern on the bag is a layer unto itself and you delete it.
  • change the mat line to a solid line use fill/stroke/stroke style  
  • to make a digistamp to color with pens etc. select all fill/remove fill.
  • separate the pieces save as a new file and it is ready for a print/cut.
I hope this is clear for the Inkscape folk and would love to know if it works for you.


I did not draw the image myself.  I used a font KR Christmas Color Me
It is free and widely available on and many other font sites.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Site in PROGRESS

I'm not doing so well in getting some of my posts from my other blog over to this new one.  So until my poor old brain can get my head around it please go to here for all my files.

My Adventures with Cricut, SCAL and Inkscape

Hope to see you back here soon.  Become a follower and you'll be one of the first!