Monday, November 28, 2011

Mrs. Claus - Inkscape

Geeeez it is getting harder and harder to design given all the cutters and software for our craft.  I think I spent as much time testing and cutting this file in both SCAL2 and eCAL to ensure that at least the cutters for those two work, I have to assume that SCAL3 for other cutters work. 

Enough whining...onward to the design.

I actually did draw this my very own self.  I had some help from a tutorial on how to draw a girl and modified it to suit Mrs. Claus. (see Additional Resources below for a link to the tutorial I used).

I've done a print/cut on her in both eCAL for the Sizzix eclips and the E with SCAL2.  I did not cut all of the pieces because I don't do well piecing anymore but I'm confident that all the big pieces cut.  The face pieces may be better done by and as they are small.

I'm providing a .jpg for print/cut with the outline around for those who want to cut the old fashion way, with SCISSORS.  Importing the .svg file allows you to either print with or without the outline mat or do a print/cut around.  (see what I mean about getting complicated).

I also did not add decorations to the apron, I wanted to but there were going to be too many pieces that were have at it.  I think it could be decorated a lot more.

Let me know if you have any problems, especially if you are using different software/cutters than the ones I have.


Additional Resource
The written tutorial I used for drawing Mrs Claus came from