Sunday, November 20, 2011

Santa with Bag - Inkscape Printable DigiStamp

Something new for me a printable.  It is designed to be printed, not cut, since I used a bunch of filters and extensions in Inkscape that SCAL doesn't like and I assume MTC won't either. You can convert it to a cut file using Inkscape.

Printable DigiStamp with trim line
As you can see I've included a faux mat line to make it easy to manually trim around after you've printed.

Inkscape - to make into a cut file

  • the shadowing on the Santa pieces is done with a filter (filter/shadows and glows/inner shadow) that SCAL won't recognize so it must be removed: filter/remove filter
  • the hatching pattern on the bag is a layer unto itself and you delete it.
  • change the mat line to a solid line use fill/stroke/stroke style  
  • to make a digistamp to color with pens etc. select all fill/remove fill.
  • separate the pieces save as a new file and it is ready for a print/cut.
I hope this is clear for the Inkscape folk and would love to know if it works for you.


I did not draw the image myself.  I used a font KR Christmas Color Me
It is free and widely available on and many other font sites.