Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays Bell - Inkscape

All things merry to you this season...
and all things bright in the coming year.
Closing out my year and made this card for all my online friends.  Nothing hard about it just find a bell, some holly and a font and go to town.

 I think what makes this is the Country Shading filter and the white mat around all the elements.  This is another project where I was learning more about making something more artistic as opposed to focussing on the cutability of the pieces, but give cutting a go, or just print on photo paper like I did.I did wimp out finally and sent the image to Walgreens and had them printed in glossy.  All I had to do was affixed them to pre-cut cards, printed the inside and I'm done.
You will find that the svg file is in layers for easier editing.  eCAL/SCAL3 likes it except of course for the shading.....

Download from Mediafire
Happy Holiday Bell svg
Happy Holiday Bell jpg
Happy Holiday Bell scut3

My Tools
Macintosh, Inkscape 0.48, eCAL 1.009

Monday, November 26, 2012

Almost Christmas - Inkscape Vector

I have been reworking some of my elements from last year and put this together.  I'm not sure what to do with it, maybe a magnet for the frig to remind me that there isn't much time left to get it all done.

I've put all the elements into layers to make it easier for you to pick and choose what may be useful for you.  I just printed it.  Looks good in eCAL and SCAL2 and the layers are all there.

This pic has filters for printing.  I use Country Shading filters in Inscape, but have removed them from the svg and SCAL files as they do not translate well.  Click on the Country Shading link if you want this look to install in Inkscape.

Well, I ought to be working so I guess I'll shut down and go do something useful.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire
Almost Christmas PS svg
Almost Christmas PS scut3
Almost Christmas PS.jpg with filters

My design tools.
Inkscape 0.48
eCal 1.008
SCAL2 2.043
eClips from Sizzix

Almost ChristmasPS svg

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ManiCure Silhouette - Inkscape

I have been working on this for weeks and it is time to just let it fly.  I'm not totally happy with the presentation but the drawing is sound I think and it will CUT if you are a mind to piece it together. P2C or just print and use are also options.

I made this for my daughters Birthday and will include a gift certificate for a manicure.  I think there might be more uses for the ladies, like tea or wine etc, but now that it is out in the world it is up to you to make it your own.

The svg file is all in layers so it should be easy for you to pick and choose the elements you want to play with.

Download from MediaFire
ManiCurePS - svg
ManiCurePS - png

I use:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Card - Inkscape

I reworked my Garden Arbor and my paper doll silhouettes to create a Wedding card.  I just printed it but the all the pieces are in the svg file to cut out what you want.
CAS-ual Friday CAS-70

I'm going to try and enter the card into CAS-ual Friday CFC-70 where the challenge is to create a plain and simple card using Black and White and one color.  I'm not sure I understand the instructions on how to enter but I'll give it a go.

Wooden Garden Arch - svg
Wedding Card - svg

Check out CAS-ual Friday to see all the competition....there are some really terrific designers here.  Click on the CAS link to see the weekly challenge.  See if you can find mine!

Thanks for stopping by.

Mac, Inkscape 0.48, eCAL, eclips

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mykonos Windmills - Inkscape digi paint

We just returned from a wonderful cruise that included a visit to Mykonos, Greece.  What a beautiful place.  One of the main features of this mountainous island are the windmills.  My DH took some pictures and I drew my interpretation in Inkscape as a digi painting for our scrapbook.

One of these days I'm really gonna learn how to paint with Inkscape.... I haven't mastered "brushes" yet and I think it would help, but anyway I have my painting.

This is the picture DH took so you can see how truly awesome this place is.

If you are at all interested in the history of these windmills there is a very good description on Wikipedia.

The following is an excert from there.
See the link below for more, and more"

"The Mykonos windmills are iconic feature of the Greek island of the Mykonos. The island is one of the Cyclades islands, which surround Delos in the Agean Sea. The windmills can be seen from every point of the village of Mykonos, the island's principal village, which is sometimes called the Chora on Greek islands. The windmills are the first thing seen when coming into the harbour, as they stand on a hill overlooking the area. There are currently 16 windmills on Mykonos.
Most of them were built by the Venetians in the 16th century, but construction continued into the early 20th century. They were primarily used to mill wheat. They were an important source of income for the inhabitants. Their use gradually declined until they ceased production in the middle of the 20th century. Their architecture is similar. They all have a round shape, white colour and a pointed roof. Such windmills are found in almost all Cyclades islands. One of these windmills has been transformed into a museum. The whole village of Chora and the harbour are visible from this point."

I'll be posting more pix as he finishes up the sorting/deleting and posting of all of the pictures he took.  All in all we were in Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey and I would recommend the Princess Cruise of the Mediterranean if you can stand the long plane ride to Europe.
The downloads are for my painting only.  The hi res jpg and the svg file.  I didn't put the pieces in layers since I didn't think anyone would cut it, just play with it and then print.

Thanks for stopping by

Downloads - Mediafire

Macintosh, Inkscape 0.48, Sizzix Eclips, eCAL 1.005

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Arch

I was inspired by a request for a garden arch and since I had never done one it was a challenge.  Perspective is hard but the design is mostly common shapes, except for the scroll design.

I see it with flowers around in a beautiful setting but I'll leave that up to you.

The file has been cut using the eclips with eCAL and with SCAL2, thanks to my friend Gj1 on the SCAL forum who tested for me and fixed the little problems she found.  It is all in one piece so cutting is pretty easy.

If you use SCAL2 you only need to change the extension from scut3 to scut2 and it will open, or just use the svg file.

Download from MediaFire
Garden Arch svg
Garden Arch PS scut3

Thanks for stopping by and let me hear from you with what you've created with it.

eclips with eCAL 1.005
Inkscape 0.48

Friday, August 17, 2012

Haunted House - Inkscape

Recycling some of my favorite files from the old Blog.  I've reworked this quite alot, funny how much you learn in a year.

There is an svg and a scut3 file to download.  It is designed to be a cutting file for those of you who like to paper piece.  I've separated the main pieces into layers so that when you open in Inkscape or SCAL they will be easy to get to for adaptation to your taste.  Neither file contains the sky or ground so you'll adjust that when you make the file.

I assume that if you just want to grab the picture you know how to do that to print it. :)

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Downloads - Now on MediaFire
Haunted House PS svg
Haunted House PS scut3

ecal 1.005 and Sizzix eclips
Inkscape 0.48

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dulcimer Painting - Inkscape

Cleaning out files and moving things and found that I had two really nice files that would fit together nicely in a painting for Printing.  Of course if you are adventuresome you can play with the svg file and see what you come up with.

The svg flle in all in layers to make it easier to get to and play with the various elements.  So if you only want the dulcimer you can get to the individual pieces fairly easily.

I'm also moving my files, slowly but surely, from 4shared to Mediafire so you don't have to "join" to download, at least for now.

Download Mediafire
Dulcimer Painting svg
Dulcimer Painting jpg

Thanks for stopping by.
Inkscape 0.48

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cone - Inkscape

This ice cream cone was inspired by one of my favorite designers The Lady Wolf who posted a snow cone on her blog.  Well I can't compete with her in design excellence but I did decide to try and draw an ice cream cone myself.  I'm pretty happy with it.

The cone was drawn with the bezier tool.  Then I applied the hatch with EggBot hatch which is an extension for Inkscape.

The hardest part was the chocolate splat but I found a great tutorial on how to draw a splat.  It can be found on the Inkscape Forum HERE.  After getting the splat I cut it in half with the rectangle tool and path difference then I pulled the nodes up to round the top of the splat to match the ice cream shape.  The tutorial is really good, printed, and gives you lots of opportunities for experimentation.

The file is in layers and will work nicely P2C or paper piece with the exception of the "hatch" on the cone that you'll have to find some background paper with a hatch you could use.

Additional Resources
Get EggBot
I just saw a tutorial by Susan Blue Robot on how to fill text with Hatch!.. Check it out too.
See this for using Eggbot to do Twists

Ice Cream Cone svg
Ice Cream Cone scut3

Inkscape 0.48
eCAL 1.005

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hawaii T-Shirt design - Inkscape

Getting my wardrobe ready for our trip to Hawaii, Hono is harbor in Hawaiian.  I used  cotton t-shirt in a size larger than I usually wear and did this cover-up.  I might find a regular size for wearing with shorts.  It is so easy to change the colors in this design that I can have whatever.

I used Avery Light Fabric Transfers, printed in hi-res (300dpi).  I printed from Inkscape print/preview.  On my Mac I get Adobe Reader and printed from there as it seems to give me a crisper print than APE, but that just may be my Photo Printer and an old vs of APE. It came out beautifully, even DH was impressed. I always print on plain paper first to make sure the size is correct for the garment.  I got two images on one piece of transfer paper.

The svg file is in layers and the only thing you need to be aware of is that I used "pattern" on the background in small white dots and the layer can get lost if you go moving things around.  I've grouped the blue layer with the pattern layer so just be aware.

I did take the file into eCal and you can ungroup and get the turtles and flowers easily if you are a mind to cut pieces.

I've included a .jpg in hi-res if you want to just P2C for a scrapbook page or to make your own transfer.

Hawaiian Tshirt designPS svg
Hawaiian Tshirt hi-resPS zip


Inkscape 0.48

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nitey Nite Owl - Inkscape

Every year or so I need new sleepwear.  To me that's a new t-shirt and since I don't get dressed until noon some days (doing crafts mostly) I like a little decoration and I find it hard to find them in the stores at a price I'm willing to pay to yesterday I just made this for myself.  I bought a package of men's t-shirst, in cotton, in a size larger than I wear regulary.

There are about a gazillion tutorials on the web for how to draw an owl and I followed several of them and finished up with this one, not looking like any of them in particular but I'm happy with it.

My intent was to just make the image to iron onto a t-shirt but since I'd drawn him in pieces anyway I just left him so he would cut out if you'd rather use him in other ways.

I used Art-Wear Design Sheets from June Tailor that I already had, it is for dark shirts but worked fine on the white shirt I used.  It is one of the ones that are like plastic film, not one you do mirror image and I got beautiful color.  Of course being me I had to screw it up at the last minute and the parchment sheet you put on top to iron the design down stuck to the ink and I have some blotches so if you use this be sure and go to the June Tailor website and read the instructions carefully, I did this after I finished and found more instructions than were in the pkg.

The svg file does not include the two oval backgrounds but if you are a cutter you can figure them out.

DH and I love my new nitey nite shirt.

Nitey Nite OwlPS svg
Nitey Nite OwlPS hi res zip

Inkscape o.48

Monday, May 21, 2012

Star Twist Ornament - Inkscape

Learning, learning, learning.

Thanks to Carolyn at cuttwopieces I have been playing with extrude and eggbot/twist in Inkscape and this lovely ornament popped up.  I know it is early for Christmas but if you want to get started on your ornaments and cards you might want to jump in now.

CLICK to enlarge the image and see the gorgeous detail the TWIST adds!

There are three layers here.  I printed the top two and used the dark green bottom layer as the cut mat.

In another iteration I put a star in the center for just a bit more dimension and used glue dots to raise it a bit.

You could delete the pentagon mat and substitute anothe star or even a circle!

Changing the color is easy in Inkscape so you can get a lovely assortment.

You will have to download the eggbot extension for Inkscape to do the twisted design, it's FREE.

Then if you get really creative you turn it into a pattern and do even more.  I used Repper Pro for the conversion to a pattern.  You have to buy the app but if you are buying pattern paper anyway, it is a deal!

Cmon, you can do it!

StarTwistPS svg
StarTwist pattern jpgPS

Inkscape 0.48

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Digital Abstract - printable Inkscape

You can do so much with Inkscape with a little work and have some really gorgeous creations for framed pictures, greeting cards, or background papers.

This design was created using the Eggbot extension for Inkscape. This one is the twist feature.

I've set up a download for the hi-res .jpg image (300dpi) to print, and the svg for you to examine and play with. You can add text or more elements and export the hi-res.

I printed from Adobe PhotoShop Elements on matte photo paper.  The detail is perfect.  The size is about 5x7 but in PSE you can enlarge to whatever size paper you have.

Thank you for your consideration of my work and your integrity about sharing it.

Inkscape 0.48

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flowers in Vase - Inkscape Printable

My friend Carolyn created a great tutorial for making a spider web and it works perfectly.  Not being able to leave well enough alone I played with the tut and created these flowers.

Not adding the web cross lines and not doing the straighten the spiral got the beginning of the flower.  I then pushed and pulled nodes to make curves in the spiral rounds.  Takes time but a great learning experience for learning more about altering shapes using the node tool.  I used fill for the color and adjusted the stroke color as well.

The fern and leaves are silhouettes off of a font reshaped and colored in.

I added a filter to the flowers and leaves, see below for where to get it to add to Inkcape.

I've put each group of elements into a layer of their own to make editing easier for me, and for you should you want to play with my design.

The vase is filled with a pattern I created by finding a textured glass jpg on the internet and imported it onto the design page.  Object/object to pattern.  I drew the vase and did fill/stroke/pattern.  I had at one time the vase lowered so that the stems showed but even tho that was more realistic it just didn't look aesthetically pleasing.  But try it and see what you think.

When finished I added a mat layer to facilitate cutting  around to I could just adhere to my card.  You could of course print just the flowers and vase and print it and cut it out and cut out the ovals to make a three layer design, but I can adhere anything straight so I just printed the whole design and cut around it.  However to export the image and import it into your cutting software is up to your skill.  There are too many cutters and software pkgs for me to attempt to explain how to do it.  Sorry.

My way of doing it:  I exported the svg and opened and resized in Adobe PhotoShop Elements.  I then placed the converted/exported jpg into eCAL.  I used the shape tool to draw an oval around the image and did P2C.  I printed on both glossy photo and matte photo paper to see which gave me the best color.  Both were fine, just depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

SCAL2 doesn't like the filters I've used to add dimension to the flowers etc.  The solution  is to open in Inkscape.  Edit/select all in all layers.  Then remove the filters Filters/remove filters.  Then copy and paste into a new svg file and save.  For some reason Inkscape doesn't really remove the filters just hides them I guess, but whatever you have to copy/paste into new file to really clear it out.  Thanks Myrna for reminding me about this!

Tutorial for Creating the Spiderweb - CutTwoPieces video
Textured Glass Images
How to Apply a Pattern to a design - video
Country Shading Filter for Inkscape - download and tutorial

Download SVG
Flowers in Vase InkscapePS

  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCAL
  • Sizzix eClips
  • Macintosh

Well this should keep you busy "learning how to fish".  You are welcome to "pinit" on pinterest or use the design as you wish but I'd appreciate it very much if you would credit me for doing it and provide a link to this post on anything you do with it.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leaf Tile DigiArt - Inkscape

I am still playing with layers in Inkscape and getting used to designing from the bottom up with individual layers.  So stay with me for a bit.

I saw a picture in the restroom at a hotel I visited recently and loved it.  The more I looked at it the more I thought I can do that in Inkscape.  When I returned home I gave it a go.  

The finished product is now proudly hanging on the wall of my kitchen.  DH loved it and framed it for me....a first I might say about his involvement in my "hobby".

The construction itself is pretty easy, a double layered background scattered leaves on top of a plain brown rectangle.  Tiles are rounded squares with a bit of shadow for depth and some leaves from a silhouette font.  Easy, peasy. And pretty much FREE since we had the frame and the big mat anyway.

There is one layer for each group of elements, I keep the ones I'm not working on "locked" to make it easier to work with.  I sometimes turn off all I'm not working on too.  But I'm still learning.

I'm providing you the Inkscape file to review and change and a hi-res .jpg file in zip format if you just want to print and frame yourself.  I printed on watercolor paper as it adds another level of dimension but matte photo paper will work well also.

I sorta automatically make my files to cut and this one is no different.  I was able to import this into eCAL and separate it out for cutting.  It would be easier to do this in Inkscape first as you might want to print the two background layers, cut the tile and cut the leaves to assemble.  You get more dimention and would have a lovely card for Mother's Day.


Comments are always appreciated
Thank you for stopping by

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sailboats - Inkscape Digi Art Painting

You have to do this several times or at least I do, in order to remember how to do the layers, filters and placement, so I did.  This one didn't take as long as the first one so I guess I planned better.  I didn't, but you could, print the background and "cut" out the sailboats for a more dimensional effect.

For Cutters
 I did import the svg into eCAL and was able to ungroup/break apart and all the pieces separate pretty well, you might have to apply a stroke to see the clouds and sails. I guess I've spent too much time making cut files that I just make them that way.

This one uses a pattern for the ocean, a filter for the island and some silhouettes converted for the sailboats.  I drew the clouds and reconstructed by pushing and pulling nodes to create the island.

I used this one on a card, could also make a post card.  I printed it on matte photo paper with a Cannon Pro printer with 8 color cartridges. Your print results may be different with other printers with less colors.

DOWNLOAD - Now on MediaFire
SeascapePS - svg
SeascapePS - jpg

If you are not up on applying patters I have a couple of videos on "how to".  See the tutorial section (on the right) for my You Tube videos.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Comments appreciated.

I use a Mac with Inkscape 0.48 and cut with eCAL and the Sizzix eClips

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Women with Horse Digital Painting - Inkscape

Sometime you just have to get out of your comfort zone and try something really different, learning how to fish along the way. This is that project.

I've been watching "how to draw" video's for several weeks and had some fun with all I was learning about filters, layers etc.  After about 20+ hours in Inkscape and exporting and printing from APE I finally have something I'm OK with.  You do have to let go eventually.

I have avoided layers for years now but I learned that if you are going to have this many things and you are going to continually tweak them they have to be in layers, so I learned how to create, lock/unlock, and which ones have to be above and which below others.  WHEW.

Most of this I drew myself.  The horse came from a font silhouette and needed the tail, mane, and hooves.  The maiden is a mannequin silhouette that I drew hair, shirt, and pants on.

Mountains are just variations on triangles rounded and smoothed with Country Shading filter. The sky, desert are also shaded with Country Shading filters (downloadable free) and installed in Inkscape.

What I learned about filters, again, is that it works best if you duplicate the element, remove the fill and apply the filter to the top layer.  I also learned that Inkscape gets really bored with changing the filters over and over and I had to copy/paste into new files to keep going.  Altogether I have 12 different files of this with multiple saves each and multiple printing from APE.  I need to let go since they are fairly large in kb/mb size and computer wants to slow down a bit.

I'll provide the svg file for those of you who like to disect to see what was done and discern how or just want to snag one or two of the images.  I'm also providing a large .jpg imge to print as is.  Large because it is 300 dpi for best printing.  I printed on double sided matte photo paper.  If I ever find my water color paper I might try printing on it to see what difference it makes.  One thing about printing tho.  I have a big Cannon printer with color cartridges so your color may turn out differently.

Although all the elements are paths and could be cut separately and might look great with the dimension it would give if you attached them separately, I'm happy just using it as a framed painting.

woman horse svg
woman horse printable hres

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this has encouraged you to continue to learn how to fish!

Monday, March 5, 2012

OTTER be - Inkscape

This is what I OTTER  be doing instead of spending hours a day on the computer but I do love the drawing and found a couple more Inkscape Drawing tutorials to work on.

This OTTER came to me whilst i was thinking about my next post and knowing I OTTER be doing the laundry, or the dishes.  But all that will still be there tomorrow.

I couldn't decide whether to put him/her in a lounge chair or in the pool so I did both, well not the pool.

I used patterned paper for my final on both the float and the chair canvas but you can figure out how you want to do it.

I'm offering the file in svg and ecal format so it should be accessible for most of you one way or another.  The .png is available also.

Resource Tutorials.  You will learn alot about filters in both of these in addition to many tricks for controlling your designs and making them "POP". Oh and lots on how to draw simple shapes, that's the best part.

Make Clip Art files INKSCAPE
How to Draw and Owl INKSCAPE

Download - I'm trying out a new file sharer.  Please use Media Fire to download so I can test it.  I'd appreciate hearing about your experience with MediaFire,  Thanks

Otter bePS Inkscape
Otter bePS photo
Otter bePS ecal
Otter bePS jpg

OtterbePS photo

If you have problems downloading, be patient as 4shared and I are having problems communicating and I'm trying out Media Fire.

If you need it now, just send me an email or post a comment and I'll send it to you.

Thanks and stop thinking about what you OTTER be doing, and find something you WANT to be doing.Otter bePS jpg

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cartoon Pig Greeting Card Inkscape, Eclips

I took another drawing lesson this week and created this cute (at least I think he is cute) pig.  I made him into a greeting card for people I just want to keep in touch with.  He works print2cut or print even as digi stamp as your imagination takes you.

If you've been following along on my blog you might have seen my videos on applying patterns to your designs.  The background paper is one of them.  In the svg file I have included the swatch for the background paper.  You can also go to and get one you like and use it in eCAL.

Try Media Fire for downloading
Pig CardPS Inkscape
Pig CardPS image

Also on 4shared
Pig Card Inkscape
Pig Greeting Card image

Click on  my YouTube Videos to Applying Patterns to designs for Inkscape and eClips or just scroll down my page to see the post with the video.

Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hibiscus in Vase Inkscape eCAL

I'm pretty happy with this.  I added filters/shadows to my printed one but deleted them for the cut files, if you are an Inkscape user can add them back in for a print file, or just cut on your favorite patterned paper.

Option 1 print2cut
I don't do piecing so on the one I actually made I cut the pretty scalloped frame and the mat pieces and did P2C on the flowers and vase.

I isolated just the flowers and vase and used this really nice feature in eCAL (the eclips version of SCAL) that makes it MUCH easier to do a shadow mat so I could print2cut just that part. You'll find it under the Object menu:  add shadow layer.

Option 2 Paper Piece
To cut: There are a lot of pieces in the svg file but only 6 real shapes, the rest are just duplicates or background papers.   There is:
  • 3 pieces for each hibiscus flower inside, the mat back, the center stamen,
  •  a leaf, 
  • the vase, 
  •  scalloped frame.  
I duplicated each as many times and I wanted in my arrangement.  If you decide to cut it will be matter of rearranging on your mat to cut all the pieces you need to assemble the card.  The frame is simple and then the background shapes papers. I found that using "pages" I put the cut files on one page and the p2c on another.

Since the text most probably won't trace well you would just recreate it in your cutting software.

Option 3 Print all
Use the .jpg file to print.  It is high resolution and if printed on matte photo paper is beautiful.

Hopefully this file with all its pieces will provide you with many design variations.

Hibiscus font:  that's it's name so dafont or others have it for free
Text is done in Renaissance, another free font and works really well with a fine point pen like cri-kits.

HibiscusvasePS svg
HibiscusvasePS jpg (high res for printing)

I know this is a long post but there are so many new users of SCAL/eCAL I might have gone a little overboard.  I did a test look in SCAL 2.043 and I can isolate the flowers and vase and make a nice cutting mat for print2cut there, but since I don't have the cutter anymore I couldn't take it all the way.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wine Bottle - Inkscape Print to Cut

Way into a new learning curve.  I saw an image on one of my forums where the designer used all sorts of tricks to make the image look translucent....absolutely stunning.  I had to try it.  I did not get to the level she did but I'm pretty happy with my design.

This is for sure a print to cut since.  I found that to get all the detail of the shades and shadows you really need to print this at HIGH Quality and on photo paper.  I prefer matte photo paper for cards.

When I take the file into my cutting software I loose the translucence but the pieces are there if you want to do paper piecing.  I even tried making it a pure digi stamp so you could color it using the pieces provided.

I'd love to see one of you talents who use the copics or chalks do this and show it off.

One of these days when I feel more competent to do it I'll do a video and walk you through all the things I did to accomplish this, but not today.  In the meantime take a close look at the svg file and the filters, opaque, etc and see if you can figure it out.

Wine BottlePS jpg

The image that was the inspiration belongs to Laurianne at Eye Draw It.  I don't think it is up anymore but the etching she did with it stop by and see her work.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 Inkscape

Another New Year coming up....the Year of the Dragon.  Here is my rendition for cutting, PnC or just print.  I cut it on my eclips using eCAL at about 6 inches.

Included in the files to download is the svg file of the completed image, a png of the completed image and a .jpg of only the dragon if you want to play yourself.

The dragon came from a font as did the hibiscus flower.

If you are not familiar with how to make this kind of an element you can see a video I did last year on "how to" here:  Create a Silhouette Frame

Dragon Only svg
Dragon design svg
Dragon image

Additional Resource
Dragon font : HFF chinese dragon -

Happy New Year