Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hibiscus in Vase Inkscape eCAL

I'm pretty happy with this.  I added filters/shadows to my printed one but deleted them for the cut files, if you are an Inkscape user can add them back in for a print file, or just cut on your favorite patterned paper.

Option 1 print2cut
I don't do piecing so on the one I actually made I cut the pretty scalloped frame and the mat pieces and did P2C on the flowers and vase.

I isolated just the flowers and vase and used this really nice feature in eCAL (the eclips version of SCAL) that makes it MUCH easier to do a shadow mat so I could print2cut just that part. You'll find it under the Object menu:  add shadow layer.

Option 2 Paper Piece
To cut: There are a lot of pieces in the svg file but only 6 real shapes, the rest are just duplicates or background papers.   There is:
  • 3 pieces for each hibiscus flower inside, the mat back, the center stamen,
  •  a leaf, 
  • the vase, 
  •  scalloped frame.  
I duplicated each as many times and I wanted in my arrangement.  If you decide to cut it will be matter of rearranging on your mat to cut all the pieces you need to assemble the card.  The frame is simple and then the background shapes papers. I found that using "pages" I put the cut files on one page and the p2c on another.

Since the text most probably won't trace well you would just recreate it in your cutting software.

Option 3 Print all
Use the .jpg file to print.  It is high resolution and if printed on matte photo paper is beautiful.

Hopefully this file with all its pieces will provide you with many design variations.

Hibiscus font:  that's it's name so dafont or others have it for free
Text is done in Renaissance, another free font and works really well with a fine point pen like cri-kits.

HibiscusvasePS svg
HibiscusvasePS jpg (high res for printing)

I know this is a long post but there are so many new users of SCAL/eCAL I might have gone a little overboard.  I did a test look in SCAL 2.043 and I can isolate the flowers and vase and make a nice cutting mat for print2cut there, but since I don't have the cutter anymore I couldn't take it all the way.