Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sailboats - Inkscape Digi Art Painting

You have to do this several times or at least I do, in order to remember how to do the layers, filters and placement, so I did.  This one didn't take as long as the first one so I guess I planned better.  I didn't, but you could, print the background and "cut" out the sailboats for a more dimensional effect.

For Cutters
 I did import the svg into eCAL and was able to ungroup/break apart and all the pieces separate pretty well, you might have to apply a stroke to see the clouds and sails. I guess I've spent too much time making cut files that I just make them that way.

This one uses a pattern for the ocean, a filter for the island and some silhouettes converted for the sailboats.  I drew the clouds and reconstructed by pushing and pulling nodes to create the island.

I used this one on a card, could also make a post card.  I printed it on matte photo paper with a Cannon Pro printer with 8 color cartridges. Your print results may be different with other printers with less colors.

DOWNLOAD - Now on MediaFire
SeascapePS - svg
SeascapePS - jpg

If you are not up on applying patters I have a couple of videos on "how to".  See the tutorial section (on the right) for my You Tube videos.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Comments appreciated.

I use a Mac with Inkscape 0.48 and cut with eCAL and the Sizzix eClips

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Women with Horse Digital Painting - Inkscape

Sometime you just have to get out of your comfort zone and try something really different, learning how to fish along the way. This is that project.

I've been watching "how to draw" video's for several weeks and had some fun with all I was learning about filters, layers etc.  After about 20+ hours in Inkscape and exporting and printing from APE I finally have something I'm OK with.  You do have to let go eventually.

I have avoided layers for years now but I learned that if you are going to have this many things and you are going to continually tweak them they have to be in layers, so I learned how to create, lock/unlock, and which ones have to be above and which below others.  WHEW.

Most of this I drew myself.  The horse came from a font silhouette and needed the tail, mane, and hooves.  The maiden is a mannequin silhouette that I drew hair, shirt, and pants on.

Mountains are just variations on triangles rounded and smoothed with Country Shading filter. The sky, desert are also shaded with Country Shading filters (downloadable free) and installed in Inkscape.

What I learned about filters, again, is that it works best if you duplicate the element, remove the fill and apply the filter to the top layer.  I also learned that Inkscape gets really bored with changing the filters over and over and I had to copy/paste into new files to keep going.  Altogether I have 12 different files of this with multiple saves each and multiple printing from APE.  I need to let go since they are fairly large in kb/mb size and computer wants to slow down a bit.

I'll provide the svg file for those of you who like to disect to see what was done and discern how or just want to snag one or two of the images.  I'm also providing a large .jpg imge to print as is.  Large because it is 300 dpi for best printing.  I printed on double sided matte photo paper.  If I ever find my water color paper I might try printing on it to see what difference it makes.  One thing about printing tho.  I have a big Cannon printer with color cartridges so your color may turn out differently.

Although all the elements are paths and could be cut separately and might look great with the dimension it would give if you attached them separately, I'm happy just using it as a framed painting.

woman horse svg
woman horse printable hres

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this has encouraged you to continue to learn how to fish!

Monday, March 5, 2012

OTTER be - Inkscape

This is what I OTTER  be doing instead of spending hours a day on the computer but I do love the drawing and found a couple more Inkscape Drawing tutorials to work on.

This OTTER came to me whilst i was thinking about my next post and knowing I OTTER be doing the laundry, or the dishes.  But all that will still be there tomorrow.

I couldn't decide whether to put him/her in a lounge chair or in the pool so I did both, well not the pool.

I used patterned paper for my final on both the float and the chair canvas but you can figure out how you want to do it.

I'm offering the file in svg and ecal format so it should be accessible for most of you one way or another.  The .png is available also.

Resource Tutorials.  You will learn alot about filters in both of these in addition to many tricks for controlling your designs and making them "POP". Oh and lots on how to draw simple shapes, that's the best part.

Make Clip Art files INKSCAPE
How to Draw and Owl INKSCAPE

Download - I'm trying out a new file sharer.  Please use Media Fire to download so I can test it.  I'd appreciate hearing about your experience with MediaFire,  Thanks

Otter bePS Inkscape
Otter bePS photo
Otter bePS ecal
Otter bePS jpg

OtterbePS photo

If you have problems downloading, be patient as 4shared and I are having problems communicating and I'm trying out Media Fire.

If you need it now, just send me an email or post a comment and I'll send it to you.

Thanks and stop thinking about what you OTTER be doing, and find something you WANT to be doing.Otter bePS jpg

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cartoon Pig Greeting Card Inkscape, Eclips

I took another drawing lesson this week and created this cute (at least I think he is cute) pig.  I made him into a greeting card for people I just want to keep in touch with.  He works print2cut or print even as digi stamp as your imagination takes you.

If you've been following along on my blog you might have seen my videos on applying patterns to your designs.  The background paper is one of them.  In the svg file I have included the swatch for the background paper.  You can also go to and get one you like and use it in eCAL.

Try Media Fire for downloading
Pig CardPS Inkscape
Pig CardPS image

Also on 4shared
Pig Card Inkscape
Pig Greeting Card image

Click on  my YouTube Videos to Applying Patterns to designs for Inkscape and eClips or just scroll down my page to see the post with the video.

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