Monday, March 5, 2012

OTTER be - Inkscape

This is what I OTTER  be doing instead of spending hours a day on the computer but I do love the drawing and found a couple more Inkscape Drawing tutorials to work on.

This OTTER came to me whilst i was thinking about my next post and knowing I OTTER be doing the laundry, or the dishes.  But all that will still be there tomorrow.

I couldn't decide whether to put him/her in a lounge chair or in the pool so I did both, well not the pool.

I used patterned paper for my final on both the float and the chair canvas but you can figure out how you want to do it.

I'm offering the file in svg and ecal format so it should be accessible for most of you one way or another.  The .png is available also.

Resource Tutorials.  You will learn alot about filters in both of these in addition to many tricks for controlling your designs and making them "POP". Oh and lots on how to draw simple shapes, that's the best part.

Make Clip Art files INKSCAPE
How to Draw and Owl INKSCAPE

Download - I'm trying out a new file sharer.  Please use Media Fire to download so I can test it.  I'd appreciate hearing about your experience with MediaFire,  Thanks

Otter bePS Inkscape
Otter bePS photo
Otter bePS ecal
Otter bePS jpg

OtterbePS photo

If you have problems downloading, be patient as 4shared and I are having problems communicating and I'm trying out Media Fire.

If you need it now, just send me an email or post a comment and I'll send it to you.

Thanks and stop thinking about what you OTTER be doing, and find something you WANT to be doing.Otter bePS jpg