Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leaf Tile DigiArt - Inkscape

I am still playing with layers in Inkscape and getting used to designing from the bottom up with individual layers.  So stay with me for a bit.

I saw a picture in the restroom at a hotel I visited recently and loved it.  The more I looked at it the more I thought I can do that in Inkscape.  When I returned home I gave it a go.  

The finished product is now proudly hanging on the wall of my kitchen.  DH loved it and framed it for me....a first I might say about his involvement in my "hobby".

The construction itself is pretty easy, a double layered background scattered leaves on top of a plain brown rectangle.  Tiles are rounded squares with a bit of shadow for depth and some leaves from a silhouette font.  Easy, peasy. And pretty much FREE since we had the frame and the big mat anyway.

There is one layer for each group of elements, I keep the ones I'm not working on "locked" to make it easier to work with.  I sometimes turn off all I'm not working on too.  But I'm still learning.

I'm providing you the Inkscape file to review and change and a hi-res .jpg file in zip format if you just want to print and frame yourself.  I printed on watercolor paper as it adds another level of dimension but matte photo paper will work well also.

I sorta automatically make my files to cut and this one is no different.  I was able to import this into eCAL and separate it out for cutting.  It would be easier to do this in Inkscape first as you might want to print the two background layers, cut the tile and cut the leaves to assemble.  You get more dimention and would have a lovely card for Mother's Day.


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