Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flowers in Vase - Inkscape Printable

My friend Carolyn created a great tutorial for making a spider web and it works perfectly.  Not being able to leave well enough alone I played with the tut and created these flowers.

Not adding the web cross lines and not doing the straighten the spiral got the beginning of the flower.  I then pushed and pulled nodes to make curves in the spiral rounds.  Takes time but a great learning experience for learning more about altering shapes using the node tool.  I used fill for the color and adjusted the stroke color as well.

The fern and leaves are silhouettes off of a font reshaped and colored in.

I added a filter to the flowers and leaves, see below for where to get it to add to Inkcape.

I've put each group of elements into a layer of their own to make editing easier for me, and for you should you want to play with my design.

The vase is filled with a pattern I created by finding a textured glass jpg on the internet and imported it onto the design page.  Object/object to pattern.  I drew the vase and did fill/stroke/pattern.  I had at one time the vase lowered so that the stems showed but even tho that was more realistic it just didn't look aesthetically pleasing.  But try it and see what you think.

When finished I added a mat layer to facilitate cutting  around to I could just adhere to my card.  You could of course print just the flowers and vase and print it and cut it out and cut out the ovals to make a three layer design, but I can adhere anything straight so I just printed the whole design and cut around it.  However to export the image and import it into your cutting software is up to your skill.  There are too many cutters and software pkgs for me to attempt to explain how to do it.  Sorry.

My way of doing it:  I exported the svg and opened and resized in Adobe PhotoShop Elements.  I then placed the converted/exported jpg into eCAL.  I used the shape tool to draw an oval around the image and did P2C.  I printed on both glossy photo and matte photo paper to see which gave me the best color.  Both were fine, just depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

SCAL2 doesn't like the filters I've used to add dimension to the flowers etc.  The solution  is to open in Inkscape.  Edit/select all in all layers.  Then remove the filters Filters/remove filters.  Then copy and paste into a new svg file and save.  For some reason Inkscape doesn't really remove the filters just hides them I guess, but whatever you have to copy/paste into new file to really clear it out.  Thanks Myrna for reminding me about this!

Tutorial for Creating the Spiderweb - CutTwoPieces video
Textured Glass Images
How to Apply a Pattern to a design - video
Country Shading Filter for Inkscape - download and tutorial

Download SVG
Flowers in Vase InkscapePS

  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCAL
  • Sizzix eClips
  • Macintosh

Well this should keep you busy "learning how to fish".  You are welcome to "pinit" on pinterest or use the design as you wish but I'd appreciate it very much if you would credit me for doing it and provide a link to this post on anything you do with it.