Monday, May 21, 2012

Star Twist Ornament - Inkscape

Learning, learning, learning.

Thanks to Carolyn at cuttwopieces I have been playing with extrude and eggbot/twist in Inkscape and this lovely ornament popped up.  I know it is early for Christmas but if you want to get started on your ornaments and cards you might want to jump in now.

CLICK to enlarge the image and see the gorgeous detail the TWIST adds!

There are three layers here.  I printed the top two and used the dark green bottom layer as the cut mat.

In another iteration I put a star in the center for just a bit more dimension and used glue dots to raise it a bit.

You could delete the pentagon mat and substitute anothe star or even a circle!

Changing the color is easy in Inkscape so you can get a lovely assortment.

You will have to download the eggbot extension for Inkscape to do the twisted design, it's FREE.

Then if you get really creative you turn it into a pattern and do even more.  I used Repper Pro for the conversion to a pattern.  You have to buy the app but if you are buying pattern paper anyway, it is a deal!

Cmon, you can do it!

StarTwistPS svg
StarTwist pattern jpgPS

Inkscape 0.48