Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nitey Nite Owl - Inkscape

Every year or so I need new sleepwear.  To me that's a new t-shirt and since I don't get dressed until noon some days (doing crafts mostly) I like a little decoration and I find it hard to find them in the stores at a price I'm willing to pay to yesterday I just made this for myself.  I bought a package of men's t-shirst, in cotton, in a size larger than I wear regulary.

There are about a gazillion tutorials on the web for how to draw an owl and I followed several of them and finished up with this one, not looking like any of them in particular but I'm happy with it.

My intent was to just make the image to iron onto a t-shirt but since I'd drawn him in pieces anyway I just left him so he would cut out if you'd rather use him in other ways.

I used Art-Wear Design Sheets from June Tailor that I already had, it is for dark shirts but worked fine on the white shirt I used.  It is one of the ones that are like plastic film, not one you do mirror image and I got beautiful color.  Of course being me I had to screw it up at the last minute and the parchment sheet you put on top to iron the design down stuck to the ink and I have some blotches so if you use this be sure and go to the June Tailor website and read the instructions carefully, I did this after I finished and found more instructions than were in the pkg.

The svg file does not include the two oval backgrounds but if you are a cutter you can figure them out.

DH and I love my new nitey nite shirt.

Nitey Nite OwlPS svg
Nitey Nite OwlPS hi res zip

Inkscape o.48