Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cone - Inkscape

This ice cream cone was inspired by one of my favorite designers The Lady Wolf who posted a snow cone on her blog.  Well I can't compete with her in design excellence but I did decide to try and draw an ice cream cone myself.  I'm pretty happy with it.

The cone was drawn with the bezier tool.  Then I applied the hatch with EggBot hatch which is an extension for Inkscape.

The hardest part was the chocolate splat but I found a great tutorial on how to draw a splat.  It can be found on the Inkscape Forum HERE.  After getting the splat I cut it in half with the rectangle tool and path difference then I pulled the nodes up to round the top of the splat to match the ice cream shape.  The tutorial is really good, printed, and gives you lots of opportunities for experimentation.

The file is in layers and will work nicely P2C or paper piece with the exception of the "hatch" on the cone that you'll have to find some background paper with a hatch you could use.

Additional Resources
Get EggBot
I just saw a tutorial by Susan Blue Robot on how to fill text with Hatch!.. Check it out too.
See this for using Eggbot to do Twists

Ice Cream Cone svg
Ice Cream Cone scut3

Inkscape 0.48
eCAL 1.005