Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mykonos Windmills - Inkscape digi paint

We just returned from a wonderful cruise that included a visit to Mykonos, Greece.  What a beautiful place.  One of the main features of this mountainous island are the windmills.  My DH took some pictures and I drew my interpretation in Inkscape as a digi painting for our scrapbook.

One of these days I'm really gonna learn how to paint with Inkscape.... I haven't mastered "brushes" yet and I think it would help, but anyway I have my painting.

This is the picture DH took so you can see how truly awesome this place is.

If you are at all interested in the history of these windmills there is a very good description on Wikipedia.

The following is an excert from there.
See the link below for more, and more"

"The Mykonos windmills are iconic feature of the Greek island of the Mykonos. The island is one of the Cyclades islands, which surround Delos in the Agean Sea. The windmills can be seen from every point of the village of Mykonos, the island's principal village, which is sometimes called the Chora on Greek islands. The windmills are the first thing seen when coming into the harbour, as they stand on a hill overlooking the area. There are currently 16 windmills on Mykonos.
Most of them were built by the Venetians in the 16th century, but construction continued into the early 20th century. They were primarily used to mill wheat. They were an important source of income for the inhabitants. Their use gradually declined until they ceased production in the middle of the 20th century. Their architecture is similar. They all have a round shape, white colour and a pointed roof. Such windmills are found in almost all Cyclades islands. One of these windmills has been transformed into a museum. The whole village of Chora and the harbour are visible from this point."

I'll be posting more pix as he finishes up the sorting/deleting and posting of all of the pictures he took.  All in all we were in Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey and I would recommend the Princess Cruise of the Mediterranean if you can stand the long plane ride to Europe.
The downloads are for my painting only.  The hi res jpg and the svg file.  I didn't put the pieces in layers since I didn't think anyone would cut it, just play with it and then print.

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Macintosh, Inkscape 0.48, Sizzix Eclips, eCAL 1.005