Monday, November 26, 2012

Almost Christmas - Inkscape Vector

I have been reworking some of my elements from last year and put this together.  I'm not sure what to do with it, maybe a magnet for the frig to remind me that there isn't much time left to get it all done.

I've put all the elements into layers to make it easier for you to pick and choose what may be useful for you.  I just printed it.  Looks good in eCAL and SCAL2 and the layers are all there.

This pic has filters for printing.  I use Country Shading filters in Inscape, but have removed them from the svg and SCAL files as they do not translate well.  Click on the Country Shading link if you want this look to install in Inkscape.

Well, I ought to be working so I guess I'll shut down and go do something useful.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire
Almost Christmas PS svg
Almost Christmas PS scut3
Almost Christmas PS.jpg with filters

My design tools.
Inkscape 0.48
eCal 1.008
SCAL2 2.043
eClips from Sizzix

Almost ChristmasPS svg