Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Arch

I was inspired by a request for a garden arch and since I had never done one it was a challenge.  Perspective is hard but the design is mostly common shapes, except for the scroll design.

I see it with flowers around in a beautiful setting but I'll leave that up to you.

The file has been cut using the eclips with eCAL and with SCAL2, thanks to my friend Gj1 on the SCAL forum who tested for me and fixed the little problems she found.  It is all in one piece so cutting is pretty easy.

If you use SCAL2 you only need to change the extension from scut3 to scut2 and it will open, or just use the svg file.

Download from MediaFire
Garden Arch svg
Garden Arch PS scut3

Thanks for stopping by and let me hear from you with what you've created with it.

eclips with eCAL 1.005
Inkscape 0.48

Friday, August 17, 2012

Haunted House - Inkscape

Recycling some of my favorite files from the old Blog.  I've reworked this quite alot, funny how much you learn in a year.

There is an svg and a scut3 file to download.  It is designed to be a cutting file for those of you who like to paper piece.  I've separated the main pieces into layers so that when you open in Inkscape or SCAL they will be easy to get to for adaptation to your taste.  Neither file contains the sky or ground so you'll adjust that when you make the file.

I assume that if you just want to grab the picture you know how to do that to print it. :)

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Downloads - Now on MediaFire
Haunted House PS svg
Haunted House PS scut3

ecal 1.005 and Sizzix eclips
Inkscape 0.48

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dulcimer Painting - Inkscape

Cleaning out files and moving things and found that I had two really nice files that would fit together nicely in a painting for Printing.  Of course if you are adventuresome you can play with the svg file and see what you come up with.

The svg flle in all in layers to make it easier to get to and play with the various elements.  So if you only want the dulcimer you can get to the individual pieces fairly easily.

I'm also moving my files, slowly but surely, from 4shared to Mediafire so you don't have to "join" to download, at least for now.

Download Mediafire
Dulcimer Painting svg
Dulcimer Painting jpg

Thanks for stopping by.
Inkscape 0.48