Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Christmas T-Shirt Word Art

My newest best toy.  Tagul!  You can make word art/subway art whatever you call it and you can spend a lot of time learning just how to
get it right.  I found it because there was a video done by some lovely ladies from Wales who took it upon themselves to show you how.  I was there pretty quickly after seeing the video.  Tagul is a FREE cloud app so still in "progress" and the designer is still updating and adding features.  Be patient as I think he will really have a nice one one day.

Here's the link to the video from Useful Graphic Design Tutorials to get you started.

Once I got the design I liked I decided MDH and I need shirts to wear on Christmas so here's where I'm going with it.  I ordered 3 Hanes Beefy-T's and will hopefully be done by Christmas….post office willing.

I will warn you that Tagul uses up a lot of memory to do this and the more words and fonts you use slows down a bit.  So start with a clean start up and only have tagul open.

I was able to save as a .png and as .svg but Inkscape nearly choked with my trying to edit to make a cutting mat (that was back when I thought I'd do a p2c and wanted the mat bell)  I ended up just opening the bell in eCAL and placing the text image on the same page and resizing…now I do have a p2c.

I'm uploading the png file for you but after that you'll have to DIY : )

Download from MediaFire
Merry Christmas BellPS

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween JACK Faces - Inkscape

Back in 2009 I posted this file on my then blog, that is now gone, but images never go away on the internet and I recently got an emai looking for the file.

I cut the faces in black vinyl/contact paper to put on pumpkins. The last time I cut them was on my Cricut with SCAL2.

I hope you and your kids and grandkids find them fun.  You can mix/match features for even more faces.

Download from MediaFire
JackfacesPS svg

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eClips w/ecal

Happy Halloween

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Swirl Fish Maui T-shirt

Sometimes I don't know where I am going until I get there and today was one of those days.

It started when I watched a video on making Swirls...I think I have watched it before but today it worked!  The narrator is very good, goes slow but often he "shows" you the command icon to click on so I have to have both my Inkscape open and his tut side-by-side so I can switch back and forth doing each step with him.

He uses gradients and blur and that was interesting to work with, I've never gotten the hang of gradients.  the shading around the word Maui is a "cloud" image, blurred so I got some of the same effect.

Link to the tutorial:  tutor4you

When  I finished the tutorial my shape looked like a "fish" which reminded me
that I hadn't made my Hawaii t-shirt for our trip later in the month.  The rest was an hour or so of playing and I have a design.

I have a photo printer with 8 cartridges so I got a really nice print, with all my shades of blue. Your results may vary.

I will share the svg file if you want to play.  The elements are all in separate layers so you could print all the background and just cut the fish....I didn't try it!  I did remove the fish and did a bitmap copy of the rest and placed it in eCAL and it looked OK for print2cut....didn't do that either.

Download from MediaFire
Swirl FishPS svg
Swirl FishPS jpg

After looking at the design for a day I decided to try a variation.  I think I like this one better.

Swirl Fish1PS svg
Swirl Fish1 PS jpg

I always do my t-shirts with Avery Transfers  for Inkjet printers, without any problem. 

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Have fun and Aloha.

Monday, August 5, 2013


I totally missed Christmas in July!  I have been working on it tho by creating some pattern paper to use for cutting or print to cut.

I created a design for the paper in Inkscape by making a plaid graphic using rectangles of alternating colors, one set going vertical and a duplicate that I flipped horizontal.  Once complete I made a bitmap copy of the result.

Using RepperPro I created two patterns in jpg format and saved. They look big but I saved them as small in RepperPro

Using my Tutorial on How to Add Patterns to My Pattern Library in eCAL (can do this in SCAL3 too) I added the two patterns to My Pattern Library.  Then I played.

The tag in in SCAL/eCAL Library and it filled nicely.

Typing the word CHEERS I filled it with my new pattern.  I could have printed out the pattern on paper and then cut my letters out of it or add a mat around the word and do a P2C, however works for you.  I generally print the paper and cut on it as then I don't have to worry about alignment issues.

I giving you both jpg files to add to your own pattern library.  If you want to make paper to print you will need to create a rectangle or square in SCAL, of any size, and use the pattern fill and then print.  The jpg as downloaded will print in a larger format like the original images above.

Here is CHEERS for you.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire

Red/Green PlaidPS - jpg
Red/Green TilePS - jpg

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Convert Dingbat to Cut/Color Pieces in SCAL3/eCAL

Recently I've met several crafters who only use Dingbats with their cutters and wanted to know how to make better use of them.

Dingbats are generally found on FONTS. And most of them are more like silhouettes in a single piece.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to break them apart to color and cut?  Of course it would so I found a dingbat font with some really nice elements but it takes some creativity on your part to convert them into cuttable elements.

Using the free download of Davys Regular you can make all of these and more.  It takes some knowledge of SCAL to convert them  but then you can move pieces together and weld/union them for cutting, Make stencils for etching or just make a nice P2C file. As far as I can tell this font if copyright free and shareable.

I've done this tutorial for you to get you started.  I have to assume that you are familiar enough with SCAL/eCAL to follow along with me. I know this is a bit messy but time/ability gets in my way.

If you use Inkscape the process is exactly the same except you use Inkscape commands instead.  Like you have to convert the font to an object and ungroup, and use Path/difference, etc.  

If you want to follow along the dingbat from DAVYS is under the #9 key on your keypad.

Comments and/or Suggestions are always appreciated.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Guy's Birthday Card

My "baby" is turning 45+ this week and it is hard to find a Birthday card for him, so I just took an image I did last year, updated it,  and turned it into a card for him!  

This was done in Inkscape and printed since the fades, gradients and blends don't translate well into eCAL.

I am sharing 3 files for you to play with. The stripes and stars and text you can add to suit your card.

Download from MediaFire

The CARD to print in png format
The Wine elements with all the blends, and fades svg
The Wine elements sans the fancy stuff svg to cut

Thanks for coming by and I hope I've inspired you to DIY.

Comments would be really appreciated!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Girlfriend Card Inkscape Vector

I really like the drawing part of creating but sometimes  I just have to make something with it. This card is for my DIL for her Birthday but it can be used for any BFF event.

I drew the body as a stick figure so I had a base for the clothes.  Really easy using rectangles and circles.  This one I did with square corners but rounded corners give a smoother effect...your preference.

After completing the body use the bezier tool to draw the clothes around the shape and push/pull the nodes to clean them up.

Hair comes from the internet....lots of cartoon hair out there.  I got mine from HERE.

The eyes are from a font HERE

I pushed and pulled nodes to suit my needs for both the hair and the eyes.

The text is just text :0

I printed on photo paper but all the pieces of the body and clothes will cut except the facial features so you can easily make a dimensional card.

I've put the separate elements into their own layers to make them easy to pick and choose for cutting.  I imported it into eCAL and ungrouped and worked from there for a practice cut.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire
StretchWomanPS svg
StretchWomanPS png

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a BFF to make this for.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flowers in Vase - Construction Printables - Inkscape

I may have totally over thought this construction!  I started out to make a bouquet and after I'd made the daffodils and constructed the stem pieces I wanted to see what it would look like with gerbers and then thought I could make a file that would allow really easy construction to make a whole bunch and make them into a set of cards to be made on the fly...all in one file.  

This file may be a bit too much for beginners but intermediate Inkscape users should be able to figure out how to deal with the layers.  Beginners might want to just get the bitmap files to use for printing

There are 5 layers in the file that you pick and choose to construct your own bouquet.

  •  stems, use this to DIY
  • vase, I made the vase with a light grey fill and then used object/fill and stroke and dummed down the opacity to show the stems.  You can bring opacity back up and change the color for a different look.
  • both sets of flowers
  • the frame with the words
  • bitmap copy of each completed picture.
I suggest you start with a NEW layer and then copy/paste the pieces from the other layers. You will perhaps have to raise or lower to get them into the right order as they are in the layers panel and then change the colors as desired.  You can even find different flowers to use!

If you change the color scheme you would create a new bitmap copy to print of course.  You could use your own flowers that could be cut out and affixed to the printed backgroud.  Lots of possibilities with the individual pieces.

I drew the daffodils looking at a botanical picture from the web.  The gerber daisy is constructed by creating an oval and using object/rotate to make the petals in a circle.  I duplicated the result and  resized down some to make the second layer of the flower.  I used to have a video of how to but it is gone and I can't find one on the web.  Sorry

Download from MediaFire
Flowers in Vase ConstructionPS - svg
Flowers in VasePS png

Feel free to email or post a question about "how to" if you are having problems.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Graduation Card - Grandaughter

Your first grandchild graduating from Hight School and off to College is a BIG event, or at least in our lives.  It deserved a "special" effort card for her.

I Print but  once you find the individual hat, bow, and diploma pieces the dimension effect would be awesome if you are into layering.  

The butterfly background is a download png image of a buttfly collection, the hat I drew by looking at a lot of them online, diploma ditto. who doesn't have a bow somewhere in their stach of images?

I set up my eCAL to "place the image" onto the mat and then drew a rectangle around for cutting.  Printed the design and then cut the rectangle around it on 8x11" cardstock.

I hope this inspires you.

No files to share as all the elements are readily avilable somewhere just waiting for you to put them together as I did.

Congratulations to all parents and grandparents celebrating this special  occasion.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Ram Sculpture to Drawing Manual Trace Inkscape

Good Morning!  This is the second in my series on taking photos of my yard sculptures and converting them to drawing using Inkscape Manual Trace.

I'm not going to repeat all I said about HOW I did it as it is all in the post below...Giraffe Sculpture.  Links to some videos and some Seamless pattern sources there.

My Ram stands under  tree in the middle of my "pot garden", not that kind of POT just the area where all the unused planting pots get stored. He is made of cement or concrete.  Had a hard time moving him from the truck into the garden!

I turned him the other way to match the orientation of the Giraffe...not sure why I thought that it was important but it's the way it turned out.

I will eventually put him in context with a pithy saying to use on cards or something.  I need to find the right pattern file or paper to use for the body and the horns.  I prefer to use a pattern file as opposed to rummaging around the craft store looking for just the right one. Seamless patterns are better for me but still looking!

I'm posting files to MediaFire for "cutting" and for P2C.  You'll make your own cutting mat for P2C.

RamPS svg
RamPS jpg (this is the photo)
Ram Drawing png

I hope you can use the file and will give Manual Trace a try in Inkscape.  It rakes time but sure is a good feeling to have done it yourself with something you own.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adding PATTERNS to SCAL3 and eCAL Pattern Library

I wanted to cut my Giraffe (see post below) with a giraffe pattern paper.  I have a seamless pattern for giraffe print.  It used to be you could add patterns to SCAL by dragging into the pattern folder in the app but no more.  I spent the day figuring out how to in the latest version.

Here's how it turned out.

You will need some “seamless” patterns stored on your computer.  I get most of mine from Repper or Pattern Cooler.  I’ll post links at the end.

In order to add an pattern file to your My Patterns Library start with an image on the SCAL/ecal screen.  I’m going to use a square as an example for simplicity sake.  Any image will do as its only purpose here is to get a new pattern into My Pattern Library.

With the object selected go to the Appearance Panel and change Fill from color to Pattern. 

If a pattern fills just click on the pattern icon to bring up the Pattern Library

You see that there are 2 Pattern Library’s, The Pattern Library and My Pattern Library.  

Select My Pattern Library.  I already have quite a few.
In the upper left of this panel are 4 icons, you want to click on the 3rd one, it looks like a piece of paper.  This will take you to your computer directory.  I can't tell you where to look for it so you will navigate to where you have it stored.  Open it.

I view as "images, since most of the names don't tell me anything.  Select the one you want to add to the My Pattern Library.  It does not seem to matter if it is a jpg or a png so long as it is seamless.

CLICK OK, bottom right, and VIOLA it is added to your My Pattern Library and will be available anytime you want to use it.

Resources for Patterns.  You can also upload an image and make it into your own pattern!

Repper Patterns.  This is good but it does cost, but if you are buying paper anyway it is a good deal.

Pattern Cooler is free, but a donation would be a great gesture for the convenience.

Design your own.  Lots of entries on Google.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Giraffe Sculpture to Drawing - Manual Trace Inkscape

Sitting on my Patio last week looking out over my yard it occurred to me that I have all of these sculptures and I could use them to draw some new  animals similar to the Seal I drew from scratch but a lot easier.

Digging out a the two videos I did in 2010 on Manual Trace I followed my own advice and started  doing a "manual trace".  This Giraffe is the first of the 5 sculptures we bought to entertain our grandchildren. You can see that he is a good size for sitting or climbing on.  Since the two lessons and files did not make it to my newer Blog there are no files for the birdhouse or the hibiscus shown in the videos.  I toyed with the idea of doing them over again for this project, but "age" has made doing videos more of a chore so I will just rely on these for guiding you through the process.

A little patience and a review of pushing, pulling and smoothing nodes and you have something you've done yourself.

YouTube Videos
Manual Trace Birdhouse
Manual Trace Hybiscus
If you aren't up to doing it yourself I share the svg file for your personal use. Some giraffe print pattern paper can make him even cuter. I also give you the final drawing in png format and the original photo if you want to try it in jpg format.

Download from MediaFire

GiraffePS svg
GiraffePS Drawin final (the picture of the drawing) 
GiraffePS Photo jpg (the photo of the sculpture

I would appreciate you letting me know how you do with the tuts or the files.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SEAL Birthday Card

The whole point here was to learn how to do it myself  using Inkscape.  Mother Nature likes basic shapes and almost anything you look at in nature is a variation on circles and  squares.  They evolve into ovals, rectangles, triangles.  The trick is learning how to manipulate the nodes to warp them into shape. There are so many tutorials for "how to draw..." that I cannot list them all here, but a google search will find you many.  Most are for drawing with a pencil but you just use the Inkscape tools instead. I suggest that you start with for the drawing lesson. Then find some Inkscape tutorials for NODES.

After getting the seal how I wanted him I had to think of what to do with him, a Birthday Card worked for me.  I did it in many different color schemes; bright for kids, subtle for big kids.

I have cut this out on my Sizzix and it works.  I chose to print/cut the words on the light cardstock since it is hard for me to paste little pieces. I do not have a lot of patterned paper and I think those of you with an "eye" can find some to really bling it up.

I hope you can find a use for the card and/or the pieces.

Download from MediaFire

Seal Birthday Card svg
Seal Birthday Card scut3
Seal Birthday Card png

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Irish Coffee - Inkscape

Why not recycle when it is only good for once a year.  I dug this out of my files today and decided to share it again for those of you who celebrate St. Patrick's Day and just have to have an Irish Coffee.

The Inkscape file is in Layers making it easier to convert in SCAL/eCAL or MTC.

I added a shadow layer in eCAL with no problems in case you want to p2c!

Download from MediaFire
Irish CoffeePS - svg
Irish CoffeePS - png


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Friday, March 8, 2013

Note Card Fish - Inkscape

I needed a new batch of note cards and for some unknown reason fish came to mind.  I don't know why fish are so enticing but they are, so many shapes, so many colors.

This is an Inkscape svg file, in layers if you want to change it up.  There is a pattern layer for the body. The fish will cut in one piece and you cut the pattern piece with your choice of pattern paper, if you want to piece it atop the background.  I just printed the whole thing on matte photo paper and affixed it to a card base.  I think a colored frame would look good but that is the area where your talent comes in 

I'm posting 2 files to download, the svg of course and the jpg to print.

Download from MediaFire

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine Bear Inkscape Vector

It's that time again....making Valentines for your loved ones.  This adorable Teddy will delight friends and family and tell them how much they mean to you.

Although I don't "piece" anymore due to old and shakey hands I do try and construct so that you can cut the pieces if you want.  

All the pieces are in layers to make editing easier I hope.

Since I wanted the heart to be under the arms you will cut them separately, same with the legs.

I hope you enjoy this file.

Download from MediaFire

Valentine BearPS - svg
Valentine BearPS - scut3
Valentine BearPS - png

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