Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adding PATTERNS to SCAL3 and eCAL Pattern Library

I wanted to cut my Giraffe (see post below) with a giraffe pattern paper.  I have a seamless pattern for giraffe print.  It used to be you could add patterns to SCAL by dragging into the pattern folder in the app but no more.  I spent the day figuring out how to in the latest version.

Here's how it turned out.

You will need some “seamless” patterns stored on your computer.  I get most of mine from Repper or Pattern Cooler.  I’ll post links at the end.

In order to add an pattern file to your My Patterns Library start with an image on the SCAL/ecal screen.  I’m going to use a square as an example for simplicity sake.  Any image will do as its only purpose here is to get a new pattern into My Pattern Library.

With the object selected go to the Appearance Panel and change Fill from color to Pattern. 

If a pattern fills just click on the pattern icon to bring up the Pattern Library

You see that there are 2 Pattern Library’s, The Pattern Library and My Pattern Library.  

Select My Pattern Library.  I already have quite a few.
In the upper left of this panel are 4 icons, you want to click on the 3rd one, it looks like a piece of paper.  This will take you to your computer directory.  I can't tell you where to look for it so you will navigate to where you have it stored.  Open it.

I view as "images, since most of the names don't tell me anything.  Select the one you want to add to the My Pattern Library.  It does not seem to matter if it is a jpg or a png so long as it is seamless.

CLICK OK, bottom right, and VIOLA it is added to your My Pattern Library and will be available anytime you want to use it.

Resources for Patterns.  You can also upload an image and make it into your own pattern!

Repper Patterns.  This is good but it does cost, but if you are buying paper anyway it is a good deal.

Pattern Cooler is free, but a donation would be a great gesture for the convenience.

Design your own.  Lots of entries on Google.

My System

  • Mac with Mountain Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • Sizzix eClips with eCAL