Thursday, April 4, 2013

Giraffe Sculpture to Drawing - Manual Trace Inkscape

Sitting on my Patio last week looking out over my yard it occurred to me that I have all of these sculptures and I could use them to draw some new  animals similar to the Seal I drew from scratch but a lot easier.

Digging out a the two videos I did in 2010 on Manual Trace I followed my own advice and started  doing a "manual trace".  This Giraffe is the first of the 5 sculptures we bought to entertain our grandchildren. You can see that he is a good size for sitting or climbing on.  Since the two lessons and files did not make it to my newer Blog there are no files for the birdhouse or the hibiscus shown in the videos.  I toyed with the idea of doing them over again for this project, but "age" has made doing videos more of a chore so I will just rely on these for guiding you through the process.

A little patience and a review of pushing, pulling and smoothing nodes and you have something you've done yourself.

YouTube Videos
Manual Trace Birdhouse
Manual Trace Hybiscus
If you aren't up to doing it yourself I share the svg file for your personal use. Some giraffe print pattern paper can make him even cuter. I also give you the final drawing in png format and the original photo if you want to try it in jpg format.

Download from MediaFire

GiraffePS svg
GiraffePS Drawin final (the picture of the drawing) 
GiraffePS Photo jpg (the photo of the sculpture

I would appreciate you letting me know how you do with the tuts or the files.

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