Monday, April 15, 2013

Ram Sculpture to Drawing Manual Trace Inkscape

Good Morning!  This is the second in my series on taking photos of my yard sculptures and converting them to drawing using Inkscape Manual Trace.

I'm not going to repeat all I said about HOW I did it as it is all in the post below...Giraffe Sculpture.  Links to some videos and some Seamless pattern sources there.

My Ram stands under  tree in the middle of my "pot garden", not that kind of POT just the area where all the unused planting pots get stored. He is made of cement or concrete.  Had a hard time moving him from the truck into the garden!

I turned him the other way to match the orientation of the Giraffe...not sure why I thought that it was important but it's the way it turned out.

I will eventually put him in context with a pithy saying to use on cards or something.  I need to find the right pattern file or paper to use for the body and the horns.  I prefer to use a pattern file as opposed to rummaging around the craft store looking for just the right one. Seamless patterns are better for me but still looking!

I'm posting files to MediaFire for "cutting" and for P2C.  You'll make your own cutting mat for P2C.

RamPS svg
RamPS jpg (this is the photo)
Ram Drawing png

I hope you can use the file and will give Manual Trace a try in Inkscape.  It rakes time but sure is a good feeling to have done it yourself with something you own.

My System

  • Mac with Mountain Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • Sizzix eClips with eCAL