Friday, May 10, 2013

Graduation Card - Grandaughter

Your first grandchild graduating from Hight School and off to College is a BIG event, or at least in our lives.  It deserved a "special" effort card for her.

I Print but  once you find the individual hat, bow, and diploma pieces the dimension effect would be awesome if you are into layering.  

The butterfly background is a download png image of a buttfly collection, the hat I drew by looking at a lot of them online, diploma ditto. who doesn't have a bow somewhere in their stach of images?

I set up my eCAL to "place the image" onto the mat and then drew a rectangle around for cutting.  Printed the design and then cut the rectangle around it on 8x11" cardstock.

I hope this inspires you.

No files to share as all the elements are readily avilable somewhere just waiting for you to put them together as I did.

Congratulations to all parents and grandparents celebrating this special  occasion.

My System
Mac w/ Mountain Lion
Inkscape 0.48
Sizzix eclips with eCAL