Monday, June 24, 2013

Girlfriend Card Inkscape Vector

I really like the drawing part of creating but sometimes  I just have to make something with it. This card is for my DIL for her Birthday but it can be used for any BFF event.

I drew the body as a stick figure so I had a base for the clothes.  Really easy using rectangles and circles.  This one I did with square corners but rounded corners give a smoother effect...your preference.

After completing the body use the bezier tool to draw the clothes around the shape and push/pull the nodes to clean them up.

Hair comes from the internet....lots of cartoon hair out there.  I got mine from HERE.

The eyes are from a font HERE

I pushed and pulled nodes to suit my needs for both the hair and the eyes.

The text is just text :0

I printed on photo paper but all the pieces of the body and clothes will cut except the facial features so you can easily make a dimensional card.

I've put the separate elements into their own layers to make them easy to pick and choose for cutting.  I imported it into eCAL and ungrouped and worked from there for a practice cut.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire
StretchWomanPS svg
StretchWomanPS png

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a BFF to make this for.

My System:
Mac with Mt Lion
Inkscape 0.48
eCAL and Sizzix eclips

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flowers in Vase - Construction Printables - Inkscape

I may have totally over thought this construction!  I started out to make a bouquet and after I'd made the daffodils and constructed the stem pieces I wanted to see what it would look like with gerbers and then thought I could make a file that would allow really easy construction to make a whole bunch and make them into a set of cards to be made on the fly...all in one file.  

This file may be a bit too much for beginners but intermediate Inkscape users should be able to figure out how to deal with the layers.  Beginners might want to just get the bitmap files to use for printing

There are 5 layers in the file that you pick and choose to construct your own bouquet.

  •  stems, use this to DIY
  • vase, I made the vase with a light grey fill and then used object/fill and stroke and dummed down the opacity to show the stems.  You can bring opacity back up and change the color for a different look.
  • both sets of flowers
  • the frame with the words
  • bitmap copy of each completed picture.
I suggest you start with a NEW layer and then copy/paste the pieces from the other layers. You will perhaps have to raise or lower to get them into the right order as they are in the layers panel and then change the colors as desired.  You can even find different flowers to use!

If you change the color scheme you would create a new bitmap copy to print of course.  You could use your own flowers that could be cut out and affixed to the printed backgroud.  Lots of possibilities with the individual pieces.

I drew the daffodils looking at a botanical picture from the web.  The gerber daisy is constructed by creating an oval and using object/rotate to make the petals in a circle.  I duplicated the result and  resized down some to make the second layer of the flower.  I used to have a video of how to but it is gone and I can't find one on the web.  Sorry

Download from MediaFire
Flowers in Vase ConstructionPS - svg
Flowers in VasePS png

Feel free to email or post a question about "how to" if you are having problems.

My System

  • Mac with Mt Lion
  • Inksape 0.48
  • Eclips w/eCAL