Monday, June 24, 2013

Girlfriend Card Inkscape Vector

I really like the drawing part of creating but sometimes  I just have to make something with it. This card is for my DIL for her Birthday but it can be used for any BFF event.

I drew the body as a stick figure so I had a base for the clothes.  Really easy using rectangles and circles.  This one I did with square corners but rounded corners give a smoother effect...your preference.

After completing the body use the bezier tool to draw the clothes around the shape and push/pull the nodes to clean them up.

Hair comes from the internet....lots of cartoon hair out there.  I got mine from HERE.

The eyes are from a font HERE

I pushed and pulled nodes to suit my needs for both the hair and the eyes.

The text is just text :0

I printed on photo paper but all the pieces of the body and clothes will cut except the facial features so you can easily make a dimensional card.

I've put the separate elements into their own layers to make them easy to pick and choose for cutting.  I imported it into eCAL and ungrouped and worked from there for a practice cut.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire
StretchWomanPS svg
StretchWomanPS png

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a BFF to make this for.

My System:
Mac with Mt Lion
Inkscape 0.48
eCAL and Sizzix eclips