Friday, July 19, 2013

Convert Dingbat to Cut/Color Pieces in SCAL3/eCAL

Recently I've met several crafters who only use Dingbats with their cutters and wanted to know how to make better use of them.

Dingbats are generally found on FONTS. And most of them are more like silhouettes in a single piece.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to break them apart to color and cut?  Of course it would so I found a dingbat font with some really nice elements but it takes some creativity on your part to convert them into cuttable elements.

Using the free download of Davys Regular you can make all of these and more.  It takes some knowledge of SCAL to convert them  but then you can move pieces together and weld/union them for cutting, Make stencils for etching or just make a nice P2C file. As far as I can tell this font if copyright free and shareable.

I've done this tutorial for you to get you started.  I have to assume that you are familiar enough with SCAL/eCAL to follow along with me. I know this is a bit messy but time/ability gets in my way.

If you use Inkscape the process is exactly the same except you use Inkscape commands instead.  Like you have to convert the font to an object and ungroup, and use Path/difference, etc.  

If you want to follow along the dingbat from DAVYS is under the #9 key on your keypad.

Comments and/or Suggestions are always appreciated.

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