Monday, July 1, 2013

Guy's Birthday Card

My "baby" is turning 45+ this week and it is hard to find a Birthday card for him, so I just took an image I did last year, updated it,  and turned it into a card for him!  

This was done in Inkscape and printed since the fades, gradients and blends don't translate well into eCAL.

I am sharing 3 files for you to play with. The stripes and stars and text you can add to suit your card.

Download from MediaFire

The CARD to print in png format
The Wine elements with all the blends, and fades svg
The Wine elements sans the fancy stuff svg to cut

Thanks for coming by and I hope I've inspired you to DIY.

Comments would be really appreciated!

My system:

  • Mac with Mt. Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCAL w/ Sizzix eClips