Monday, August 5, 2013


I totally missed Christmas in July!  I have been working on it tho by creating some pattern paper to use for cutting or print to cut.

I created a design for the paper in Inkscape by making a plaid graphic using rectangles of alternating colors, one set going vertical and a duplicate that I flipped horizontal.  Once complete I made a bitmap copy of the result.

Using RepperPro I created two patterns in jpg format and saved. They look big but I saved them as small in RepperPro

Using my Tutorial on How to Add Patterns to My Pattern Library in eCAL (can do this in SCAL3 too) I added the two patterns to My Pattern Library.  Then I played.

The tag in in SCAL/eCAL Library and it filled nicely.

Typing the word CHEERS I filled it with my new pattern.  I could have printed out the pattern on paper and then cut my letters out of it or add a mat around the word and do a P2C, however works for you.  I generally print the paper and cut on it as then I don't have to worry about alignment issues.

I giving you both jpg files to add to your own pattern library.  If you want to make paper to print you will need to create a rectangle or square in SCAL, of any size, and use the pattern fill and then print.  The jpg as downloaded will print in a larger format like the original images above.

Here is CHEERS for you.

DOWNLOAD from MediaFire

Red/Green PlaidPS - jpg
Red/Green TilePS - jpg

My Design System

  • Mac with Mt Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCal w/ Sizzix eClips