Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SEAL Birthday Card

The whole point here was to learn how to do it myself  using Inkscape.  Mother Nature likes basic shapes and almost anything you look at in nature is a variation on circles and  squares.  They evolve into ovals, rectangles, triangles.  The trick is learning how to manipulate the nodes to warp them into shape. There are so many tutorials for "how to draw..." that I cannot list them all here, but a google search will find you many.  Most are for drawing with a pencil but you just use the Inkscape tools instead. I suggest that you start with for the drawing lesson. Then find some Inkscape tutorials for NODES.

After getting the seal how I wanted him I had to think of what to do with him, a Birthday Card worked for me.  I did it in many different color schemes; bright for kids, subtle for big kids.

I have cut this out on my Sizzix and it works.  I chose to print/cut the words on the light cardstock since it is hard for me to paste little pieces. I do not have a lot of patterned paper and I think those of you with an "eye" can find some to really bling it up.

I hope you can find a use for the card and/or the pieces.

Download from MediaFire

Seal Birthday Card svg
Seal Birthday Card scut3
Seal Birthday Card png

My System

  • Macintosh w/ Mountain Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • Sizzix eClips with eCAL

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Irish Coffee - Inkscape

Why not recycle when it is only good for once a year.  I dug this out of my files today and decided to share it again for those of you who celebrate St. Patrick's Day and just have to have an Irish Coffee.

The Inkscape file is in Layers making it easier to convert in SCAL/eCAL or MTC.

I added a shadow layer in eCAL with no problems in case you want to p2c!

Download from MediaFire
Irish CoffeePS - svg
Irish CoffeePS - png


My System:
Mac w/ Mountain Lion
eCAL w/ Sissix eclips
Inkscape 0.48

Friday, March 8, 2013

Note Card Fish - Inkscape

I needed a new batch of note cards and for some unknown reason fish came to mind.  I don't know why fish are so enticing but they are, so many shapes, so many colors.

This is an Inkscape svg file, in layers if you want to change it up.  There is a pattern layer for the body. The fish will cut in one piece and you cut the pattern piece with your choice of pattern paper, if you want to piece it atop the background.  I just printed the whole thing on matte photo paper and affixed it to a card base.  I think a colored frame would look good but that is the area where your talent comes in 

I'm posting 2 files to download, the svg of course and the jpg to print.

Download from MediaFire

My design system:
  • Macintosh with Mountain Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCAl with Sissix eclips