Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heart WordArt Tagul/Inkscape

What an adventure!  I spent  some more time with Tagul creating this design…learned a lot more along the way.  This design goes on a t-shirt and most likely my Valentine for this year.

In Tagul:

  • I imported my own heart shape
  •  I used only one color for the text I found it easier with one color as I knew I would be changing things in Inkscape.
  • Used the Tagul feature to change the angle of the main words.

I exported the Tagul file to (svg) Inkscape.  NOTE there is fine print on the Tagul site that says IMPORT the svg file… do not use open  in Inkscape. 

Alas, I could not find a way to change the font after I got it into Inkscape so you are pretty stuck with what Tagul gives you, some fonts don't look so good so that becomes yet another challenge.

I ungrouped and separated the big words from the small group of words and put them in separate layers so I could mess with positioning, size and colors. Once I was happy with the colors and positioning. 

The red heart background is also in a separate layer, to have a background Use it or not.  

VIOLA!  transferred onto the shirt.  It is hard to see the really small words in this picture but they are there.

This video from Useful Graphic Design  got me started.
The Tagul Forum also provided some answers and help.
Visit and browse there too.

Download from MediaFire
Heart WordArtPS png
Heart WordArtPS svg

My System
  • Mac w/ Mt. Lion
  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCAL w/ Sizzix eClips