Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Choo-Choo Train - WordArt

You may be getting tired of even more WordArt  but I'm learning and just had to keep playing.  Today's post is for the little ones who love trains.  You can make a picture in a frame, make a card whatever.

I started with a png image (free file) of the train and made a mat just slightly larger than my image.   I made a rectangle around it and colored it black (this is what you load into Tagul.  Words will be in the black area. See these instructions on TAGUL for step by step.

I created the cloud according to the instructions on Tagul.  The Tagul forum is also helpful for "how and why" issues.

Choosing the option to export to svg I got the "cloud" into Inkscape.

I made a new layer and opened the train image and moved my colored train into the space on the Cloud a then played some with changing colors and size of words.  I found it easier if I "locked" the layers I wasn't using.  I deleted a few and copy/pasted some others into the space created by deleting/resizing some of the words. 

I added another layer to the bottom and created the mat background.  I've left room at the bottom for you to personalize with the name of the little one. You could use the name in the "cloud" creation of course, but I wanted this generic to use again.  

You can do this a couple of ways. Add a layer for the Name in Inkscape or make a bitmap copy of your finished svg and load into a photo editor like PhotoShop.

There are 3 layers in the svg file to make it easier to edit. I like to "group" the words layers when I'm finished as I was still moving, centering etc and you really don't want things skewing on you.

Files to Share on MediaFire
Currently you cannot share a Tagul Cloud so here's the svg and the png for you.

Choo-Choo TrainPS svg
Choo-Choo TrainPS png

Have some fun, learns something new and make a really special gift. You can email me with questions, I'm usually here.

Comments would be much appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by today.

My System

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  • Inkscape 0.48
  • eCal w/ Sizzix eclips