Monday, June 9, 2014

Kids and Sprinklers for Summer Fun

About a decade ago I was looking for something to do and saw a lawn sprinkler at a craft show made of copper tubing.  "I can do that" I said and I did, with a little help from a neighbor who did a small bit of soldering for me as me and a soldering iron is not good combination.  I bent the pipe into the shape of the butterflies.

Here's the sprinkler now, all black from age but still works just fine.  My grandkids loved playing in it.

Needing something else to do this week I recreated the sprinkler in Inkscape, added some children (silhouettes) and viola a nice design for scrapbooks, or summer party invites.

Just one example of how I use it.

I am providing an svg file with just the sprinkler, water, and the children so you can be creative and DIY.   
I'm also adding this photo if you are the "just print it" me these days.

Download from Media Fire
Butterfly SprinklerPS png

My System
Mac w/ Mt. Lion
eClips w/ eCAL
Inkscape 0.48


  1. PapaSue this is a great file but I can't get the svg to open. Any suggestions?

  2. Rosie, Sorry! I assume it downloaded and you can see it in the download file. What vs of Inkscape are you using or are you trying to import into eCAL? I can email the file directly to you in ecal or inkscape if you pm me you addy.

  3. The link is not pointing to the file for me. I am trying to download the SVG. Will PM you my addy but thought you would want to know.

  4. OK I can't find an addy to PM you either.

  5. So sorry. I think I have fixed the svg upload. My email is if you need me to send you the file directly.

  6. Susan, I love this file! Thank you so much for sharing it. I may cut this in vinyl and add it to the stick family on the back window of my Highlander.
    I'm very impressed with the lawn sprinkler too. How did you put holes in the tubing>

  7. Nannie, I used either a 1/8 or 1/4" drill bit with an electric hand drill. Would love to see your vinyl cut file. You can send the pic or the file to my email addy.

    Thanks for the comment I always appreciate that someone cares enough to post a comment on my work.