Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Dance Birthday

I'm on a roll, 2 projects in one week!  My only brother turns 65 this week and it is worth a celebration.  We talk on the phone but I haven't seen him in several years so it was worth the effort to let him know I love him.

The image is from DeviantArt I found it through a search but clicking on the image says it is no longer available, so I just grabbed it. 

In one iteration I cut it out separately as a sticker and glued it to the front for dimension but later decided to just print the whole thing as centering and glueing gets to be an issue for me.

Pattern is from Inkscape/fill/pattern basic small white polkadots, the font is KBjellybean, music notes from a font Musicelements

I exported a bitmap to open/print in AdobePhotoShop Elements.

It is done and I am "Doin the Happy Dance"!

My System

  • Inkscape .48
  • ecal/eclips1
  • Mac Mavericks