Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scallop Edge Card Template

My friend Kay (cleversomeday) refers to herself as an "engineer", not an "artist"  well that goes for me too. I am able to create objects and patterns but putting them together artistically falls short of my expectations.

I created this card template in eCAL, I could have done it in Inkscape but eCAL is getting so good and everything was simple shapes so there you go.

Using basic shapes I made two rectangles sized one to 5x7 and one to 5.5.

Using the smaller one I used "duplicate" and the circle with the hole in it sized to 1/2" to make the border, unioned the it half way over the edge of the card.  You can see the border of the rectangle through the hole so you can line it up.

Copy/pasted to make the one for the other side, lined it up and selected all three pieces and path/union.

Move the larger rectangle in place a tad over the edge of the now scalloped rectangle and path/union.

Using the draw tool I drew a line where I wanted the score to be, select the line and make it "score".  It cuts very nicely on 8.5x11 cardstock.

After construction rotate the image so that it is vertical instead of horizontal so it fits on 8.5x11" cardstock as shown in the pattern.

Now to decorate:
I found the image I wanted to use on a coloring book site, LINK to House GRAPHIC  and used Inkscape paint bucket to fill in the elements and colored them. I added the border and exported as bitmap to eCAL and did print/cut. I sprayed the whole thing with glitter spray before glueing it onto the card base.

Inside is just a tag I created in eCAL adding the sentiment. I glued a piece of pattern paper (6.75x4.75) from a card stack to the inside and mounted the sentiment.

I like my border as it shows the inside background.

This one does stand up.  I did another one in vertical that I like but it doesn't stand up, but here it is for "show".

I am providing the card template only for you to play with, also a Cheat Sheet for scal/ecal if  you want to DIY one.  Any border will do that fits your style. 

I exported the scal file to Inkscape and am providing the file as well for those of you who do not do Sure Cutsalot!

I hope this has given you some ideas for a card that is a little different.

Scallop Edge Card Template - ecal/scal3
Scallop Edge construction Cheat Sheet - ecal/scal3
Scallop Edge Card Template - svg

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My System:

  • Mac 10.8
  • eCAL 1.505
  • eclips
  • Inkscape 0.48