Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Don't Forget to Floss #Cartoon

At a recent dental appointment the dentist told my husband "remember, only floss the teeth you want to keep."  He came home and said he wanted me to make  a magnet for his dentist with this saying.

I did it in Inkscape with a cartoon of a tooth, not too hard but really cute I think.

I printed on card stock and laminated it, then used peel and stick magnet sheet as a backing.  I got the sheet at Michaels.  I think it would work on a little easel stand on the receptionists desk or on a frig.  You could also just use a sticky back tab and put it on a bathroom mirror to remind folks to floss.

I hope you like this and give it a and your family will have better dental checkups and get a smile every time you see it.

There are about a zillion cartoon images of a tooth on the internet so I am not offering any files today as anyone adept at Inkscape or SCAL/MTC could do this easily.  Just google cartoon tooth.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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