Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Egg Mobile

I needed some decoration for my patio for our Easter Brunch so I used a coloring book image of an Easter egg, colored it in with #Inkscape using a pastel color pallet I found on the internet.  Here is the egg as colored.

I added a shadow layer for cutting and sent it to #ecal to print and cut.  I have a Canon Pro printer with 8 color cartridges so I get almost perfect colors.

I  made 24 copies and resized some of them for my mobile.  After p2c I   I then glued them back to back so when swinging you always see the image. laminated them and cut them out by hand using the shadow outline as a cutting guide.  I didn't want to trust that I could use my eclips to cut them out after laminating.

I set to work stringing them into a mobile using clear filament and hung it on my patio in front of a window so taking a pic was a challenge as the sun caused so much reflexion I had to find a big piece of  cardboard as a background so the pic isn't great but you get the idea.

I am not sharing files as all of this is pretty easy to DIY

Happy Easter!

My System

  • Mac
  • ecal/eclips
  • CanonPro 100 printer