Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy Holiday 2017

Wishing you all the best for the 
Holiday and a Joyous New Year!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treaters Welcome

I know it has been awhile but I am getting older and this stuff is hard for me now.

Our front door does not face the street and guests have to come into the to encourage Trick or Treaters to come on in I made a sign.  My DH would be happy not to have them come and "bother" but I love to see the little ones and some of the big ones in costume!

I made this really quickly this am.  The main graphic  is free from . 

I'm sorry I can't seem to make this a link so just copy/paste into your browser or search for:

 I just printed it out, and the bats are also free from a bunch of different sites, these are P2C

Hope you all enjoy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

I know I have been lax at keeping this blog up to date, but time and age get in the way sometimes.

I finally got to it today and created this design for Halloween. I will use it as a yard sign for the trick or treaters but could be turned into a card for a party or a poster.

I did not cut it out as my new computer and my cutter are not friendly at the moment....working on that with sizzix and SureCutsalot. grrrr

I did import it into the SCAL program and separated into pieces but will only offer the svg for you today.

Happy Halloween
Download from

Let me know if you have problems.

My current system:
Mac 10.12.6

Monday, July 24, 2017

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Made a t-shirt iron on from the image, then added a T-shirt element and made a card that is a general purpose greeting.  I printed the design and p2c and used the shirt form as a cut file.

Here are all the pieces in svg format.  It imported just fine into ecal2, but needs some sorting out.

Hope you can make some use of them.

I used a t-shirt outline and made a shirt, also used the t-shirt outline and made a card....has lots of ways to cheer up someone's day.

It is possible that I have screwed up somewhere so if you have problems with the file let me know if you can't DIY

As you can see there are lots of pieces to DYI and I would really like to see what you do with them.

Bowl of Cherries Pieces

I think this file is pretty clean, let me know if you have problems.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Tulip All Purpose Greeting Card

Hi there,  It has been awhile...but finally tried to create a pretty all purpose card.  A lot of work for me relearning Inkscape and cutting and pasting but I'm ok with it. Not to mention finding paper, embossing folders, glue, etc in my mess of a craft space.  

I added the greeting without much creativity.  :).  I had intended to use a stamped greeting but all my inks had dried out so I just typed it, cut it out and pasted

I also was tempted to find another element to put in the blank space on the right but a button or another sentiment etc. would do I think. I just  couldn't think of anything.

Cut with ecal on my eclips2 just fine, 

Embossed the background for a bit more dimension.

You could make a bunch of these with different greetings and put in your stash for one of those days when you just have to have a card and no time to start from scratch.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to DIY.

I'm sorry I cannot share files as I really don't remember where I got the tulips, but I can assure you they were a free download sometime, but there are a lot of tulip svg out there.

Happy crafting!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Chick in Easter Basket

I posted this yesterday and lost it, so trying again.


I made this in Inkscap with an easter egg I did last year, found the rest of the pieces online.  

I cut my egg so that I had the jagged edges to make the egg look broken.
I then made the handle and added it to the egg half. 

You can find and color your own egg of course but it is easier to find an egg with pointy edges in the middle so you get the full basket effect. If you are clever you can use the rectangle tool to divide the egg and then drag nodes to create the jagged points...

The rest is pretty easy as the chick and grass are readily available free somewhere on the Internet. I cut it out on my ecal2 with no problem,

I cut the pieces on heavy cardstock to give it a bit of dimension, and attached it to the card background and made a poster of a larger version

I cannot seem to remember how to post files on Media Fire so I'm giving you links to SCAL forum and Inkscape forum where you can download them. Surely you belong to one of these fourms :)

Thank you in advance for being patient with me, as I grow older all this stuff is getting harder to "remember "how to". 

Links to files:
Egg source to color yourself online or by hand and make a png, or jpg for P2C.

Please leave comments with any problems you are having and maybe I can answer your question.


coloring book easter eggs


Inkscape Cutting Design

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I've been very lax at making and sharing for while but today I just had to make my DH a Valentine.  I'm not sharing the file as it is so easy to DIY with Inkscape or SCAL.

I did get the original Heart from Shutterstock but everything else I did myself...pretty easy to draw the stick figures just circles and rectangles.  The eyes came from Shuttestock as well but there are about a gazillion files for cartoon eyes to choose from.

Finding the words to express how much I love this man and how grateful that he cares for me as my mental abilities are waning.

Wishing you a Very Happy Valentines Day.