Friday, March 31, 2017

Chick in Easter Basket

I posted this yesterday and lost it, so trying again.


I made this in Inkscap with an easter egg I did last year, found the rest of the pieces online.  

I cut my egg so that I had the jagged edges to make the egg look broken.
I then made the handle and added it to the egg half. 

You can find and color your own egg of course but it is easier to find an egg with pointy edges in the middle so you get the full basket effect. If you are clever you can use the rectangle tool to divide the egg and then drag nodes to create the jagged points...

The rest is pretty easy as the chick and grass are readily available free somewhere on the Internet. I cut it out on my ecal2 with no problem,

I cut the pieces on heavy cardstock to give it a bit of dimension, and attached it to the card background and made a poster of a larger version

I cannot seem to remember how to post files on Media Fire so I'm giving you links to SCAL forum and Inkscape forum where you can download them. Surely you belong to one of these fourms :)

Thank you in advance for being patient with me, as I grow older all this stuff is getting harder to "remember "how to". 

Links to files:
Egg source to color yourself online or by hand and make a png, or jpg for P2C.

Please leave comments with any problems you are having and maybe I can answer your question.


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